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Package Namexorg-x11-drv-radeonhd
SummaryXorg X11 radeonhd driver for AMD GPG r[5-8]xx Chipsets X11 radeonhd driver for AMD GPG r5xx/r6xx/r7xx/r8xx Chipsets. This package is a snapshot of a work in progress. You may experience regressions, bugs, errors, broken displays, and other undesirable phenomena. radeonhd mailing list: Built from git commit: 17bbb4d5c618eff1fde879c6170a45dbd4598329
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StartedMon, 05 Jul 2010 04:00:09 UTC
CompletedMon, 05 Jul 2010 04:02:39 UTC
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Changelog * Mon Jul 05 2010 Peter Hutterer <> - 1.3.0-6.4.20100210git - rebuild for X Server 1.9 * Wed Feb 10 2010 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.3.0-5.4.20100210git - More consistent usage of name macro in spec file - Replace %define by %global - Replace fedora specific KMS check with the upstreamed KMS check - New snapshot (upstream commit 17bbb4d5c618eff1fde879c6170a45dbd4598329): - 17bbb4d5: ATOM: Upstream parser updates - 4c28d82e: Add debugging to RHDCloseScreen. - 5b994e0d: Fix wrong mask value for fractional pll divider. - c8fb3cdb: Probe: Move KMS test to rhd_dri.c. - 0b91ec06: Configure: Only compile the KMS check code if xf86drmMode.h is actually present. - 56fa25f4: Probe: Only allow this driver when KMS is not present. - 83e0afd3: Update Sun license notices to current X.Org standard form - 62b013f6: updated ObjectID.h * Thu Jan 21 2010 Peter Hutterer <> - 1.3.0-5.3.20100101git - Rebuild for server 1.8 * Fri Jan 01 2010 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.3.0-4.3.20100101git - Log all debug output all the time (gdm "no Xorg params" workaround) - Use xz compression for snapshot tarballs - New snapshot (upstream commit cc1bb50bb44354be7793e4fc45c625746571ec96): - cc1bb50b: Fix incorrect LIST_END macro. - b62d13fc: Bugfixing and a bit cleanup - ace8f44f: HDMI audio support for RV710 and RV730. - ffc141e2: ATOM: add newer power table defs - edeb1e7a: Fix build for w/o USE_DRI. * Fri Dec 04 2009 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.3.0-4.2.20091204git - Abort driver startup if kernel modesetting (KMS) is enabled - New snapshot (upstream commit 98d1d5f68f5be3f9dc3cd4b483ca4bea708e1eb8): - 98d1d5f6: Blacklist: Marking 0x9710, 0x1043, 0x83A2 hotplug unusable. - f7aed406: conntest: Update PCI ID list. * Thu Nov 12 2009 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.3.0-3.15.20091112git - Skipping the 1.3.0 release due to a838114e and probably other fixes. - New snapshot (upstream commit 6387ab4c1d0ff71e556b1c96f21b4e765a6c8e5a): - 6387ab4c: PM: Validate known good configurations as well. - d6b47183: Correct copyright information. - d0b936db: Change wording for amount of mapped memory. - 5a01ea3d: DMS59: Marking 0x7183, 0x1002, 0x0D02 as such. - 6a2c0f04: AtomBIOS/PM: Add size checks to Voltage Info parser. - 2949564e: AtomBIOS/PM: Detect wrong size value in VoltageObj table. - fb1f84dd: DRI: Get number of pipes from DRM if possible. - 40fa33f0: 2D/3D: Fix Lockups on R5XX when running DRI clients with EXA/Textured Video. - f3df2394: Accel: Insert proper waits for 2D/3D engine idles when switching between the two contexts. - af5f1e1a: I2C: Fix I2C readout. - a76cee0a: Scaler: Add support to send TV mode the HW scaler. - 737f2591: Backlight: Some cosmetics to ACPI backlight support. - 209505b3: Backlight: ACPI backlight support for FreeBSD - 5cd4cca8: Monitor/Panel: Move mode line sanitization code. - 5092f153: Mode: Be more verbose on reporting mode rejections. - cee33c18: DIG: Improve code readability by using names for bits. - 8b89b94d: Add Fallback DAC Load Detection Method for chips >= RV620. - 7f896dee: Print out value of MC status register if it is busy when tested. - a838114e: Fix backlight readout thru AtomBIOS. - eef20d73: rs880: fix gart type - bfb6e137: configure: Remove check for GL/gl.h - 34d975db: Fix compilation with xf86_ansic.h - 42a81085: pm: Recalculate I2C clock on engine clock setting. - 8cbff7bf: Bump to 1.3.0. Update README. - bd2145d8: pm: Comment out currently unused variable. - 5c437ecd: README.coding: Add rhd_acpi.[ch] and atombios_rev.h - 0c8cc053: i2c: Hardware may need a while to indicate availability to the host - 57b97e0f: pm: Improve wording of lowPowerModeEngineClock logging. - a1cd56dd: pm: Ignore validation when setting negative engine/mem frequencies. - 5d5d8e3d: pm: Use minimum known working frequency instead of default/2. - 0a94f8eb: pm: Do NOT set idle engine clocks to default/2 unless ForceLowPowerMode is used. - eebdbf0a: Improve DAC load detection on RS780. - 422ac06b: Silence audio stream option. - 3cef2a65: Improve test for disabled differential clock driver. - 392a1392: Properites: Get HW for Backlight setting on every query. - f695445b: LUT: Fix syntax error in 59085c4a - 59085c4a: LUT: Fix RHDLUTCopyForRR() not actually modifying LUT - 8b3561d2: ID: Added quirk entry for HIS Excalibur Radeon XT1650 Pro IceQ 256M - 0a79a28c: PM: Removed unnneeded define. - 4758ba31: Add ACPI controlled Backlight support for Linux. - be7216fc: randr: Select virtual large enough for typical dual-monitor situations - b9648ff4: RV740: Choose shadowfb by default. - eb1fc6c0: Fix missing parenthesis. - 136dbca7: Disable DRI by default if shadowfb is explicitly selected. - 209aa4c7: RV740: disable DFS and Composite - 21f033c1: Add quirk table entry for Wyse R-Class. - ee508b37: Hide README, non-updates if --enable-shave * Fri Sep 18 2009 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.5-3.14.20090918git - New snapshot (upstream commit b7a50a6f00bb6d207f5240f00cf83fbbd56bbf60): - b7a50a6f: Fix RHDRegWrite macro invocation breakage * Fri Sep 18 2009 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.5-3.13.20090918git - configure with --disable-shave (we occasionally need to debug the build) - Add Xorg ABI dependency for F12 (1.6.99.*), removing the one from F9 - Update README.fedora with new chipset support - New snapshot (upstream commit ae41ab2fe49ca456c4fb23859af8683c32c2429c): For details, run git log. Short summary: - DRI/DRM/EXA used by default on R5xx, R6xx - Some support for R7xx, R8xx - Some NULL check and logic fixes - xextproto 7.1 support - and more * Wed Jul 29 2009 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.5-3.11.20090714git - F12 moves some header files from xorg-x11-proto-devel to libXext-devel * Mon Jul 27 2009 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.2.5-3.10.20090714git - Rebuilt for * Wed Jul 15 2009 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.5-2.10.20090714git - compile with DRI support again (add mesa-libGL-devel build requirement) * Tue Jul 14 2009 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.5-2.9.20090714git - New snapshot (upstream commit bc42c63d0cf7756a9d31c16d68d1c33a9e225b83): For details, run git log. Short summary: - Build fixes - initial power management support - man page improvements - misc bugs fixes * Sat Apr 11 2009 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.5-2.8.20090411git - Updated README.fedora with new feature set (2D+XVideo on R[67]xx) - This snapshot is the 1.2.5 release. - New snapshot (upstream commit cb54f48b212d5ae54e13bbdf24575b6163798c0d): - cb54f48b: Bump to 1.2.5. Updated README. - 9d2a5088: Fix resume from suspend for r6xx/r7xx - 1137e096: RHDDRIGetIntGARTLocation is called too often to be logged. Nuked RHDFUNC there. - 76d6973a: man: R6xx and R7xx 2D possible now. - 00656976: LUT: reduce number of writes to DC_LUT_RW_INDEX - 6d7f2486: Use () in macro arguments of new RHDRegMask. - d6c37277: CS: Replace register read/write macros with ones from compiler.h - c9d1af91: Use X MMIO macros instead of own register read/write functions - f65014d8: Add RV790 (HD 4890) Support - 79efc609: AtomBIOS: Fixed wrong logic: switch -> if. - ecd61667: rhd_dump: fix error introduced by LUT dump addition - 7e4948a3: R6xx/R7xx EXA: rework composite pixel shader - 461701c6: R6xx/R7xx: clean up bool const code - cc6e6fe4: add new chip ids - f0f640f1: R6xx/R7xx EXA: fix maxPitchBytes - 37da5e5a: Add new pci ids - 4fa65062: Really disable UTS/DFS on r6xx/r7xx AGP - b075ec9c: R6xx/R7xx AGP: disable gart data transfers - d9c8f9ce: r600: reload shaders into VRAM on resume - 12611c8f: R6xx/R7xx shader: Fix OFFSET_[XYZ] macro for TEX_DWORD2 to accept floats - 70490504: RS600: fix page table size for rs600 as well - 10ebf657: r600: fix sizing of PCI GART table for r600 - f27383df: R6xx/R7xx: Fix OFFSET_[XYZ] macros for negative values. - 827fb141: randr: Set use_screen_monitor correctly using helper function. - 76490dd8: Enable DRI by default on R5xx chips. * Fri Mar 06 2009 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.4-2.4.20090306git - New snapshot (upstream commit 093e5934a26f784f70b5febf8ae6d50a3459552c) Mainly includes the R6xx/R7xx acceleration stuff (no 3D, that depends on mesa). Detailed changelong: "git log 047bd705..093e5934" (much too long for here) * Thu Feb 26 2009 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.4-2.3.20090226git - Change snapshot compression method to lzma (from bzip2) - New snapshot (upstream commit 047bd7059bcfec55e06a35db4a2b16d52fe8dbf6): - 047bd705: EXA: fix for (incompatible) upstream EXA version 3. - ad6c789a: (Hopefully) fix cursor corruptions, at least on some configs. fdo #13405 - c7735333: Fix some warnings. - a5a7b085: Fix warning: only compile rhdRRCrtcSetOrigin() if required for RandR 1.3. - 368bb0d7: LUT: Fix incorrect shifts and masks for 15- and 16-bit depth - 4d208cdd: Fix LUT precision handling for 8, 24, and 32bit depth - 6e71f01f: rhd_dump: add LUT printing support - ed86b90a: Add missing definition of atom_Panel. - b76bfbd7: Add 'force-shadowfb' AccelMethod. For testing purposes only. - 95aa9113: AtomBIOS: Fix build for build w --disable-atombios-parser. - c349a523: Trivial typo in properties / man page. - 68c317da: Unify and fix quirk table macros. - e216e686: Add quirk table entry for HIS Radeon X1550 PCI. - f45e95cc: build: catch incompatible options in configure - e738e579: Quirk for PowerColor HD 3450. - 127d362c: I2C: Fix NULL pointer deference spotted by Maciej Cencora. - 1652f150: Build: Fix build when AtomBIOS subsystem is disabled. - a981e2d0: Remove xorgconfig & xorgcfg from See Also list in man page - f57a410c: Fix scaling documentation. - 44720209: RS780: set bustype to PCIE - 421edfd7: MC: Fix warnings and streamline naming of MCGetFBLocation. - 28956656: Card quirks: fix warning introduced in b2e2693d - 5eed0c4f: ID: add 0x944C (RV770). - b2e2693d: Add quirk table entry for GeCube Radeon HD 2400PRO - 003325a5: Implement RandR 1.3 mandatory properties. - 33bf07be: Renamed properties according to RandR 1.3 property guideline. - c990d6d7: Typo fix in man page - 107c97a6: Change all gitweb URL references to cgit - 0b47e600: man page: Add R7xx to NAME section - d46d50e6: MC: Pass FbLocation and FbSize to RHDMCFBLocationSetup(). - 0fd284c0: MC/Idle: ASSERT() the right setup order, don't change an unidled MC. - eeb66dc9: MC: Refactor MC code. * Thu Feb 26 2009 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.2.4-2.2.20081212git - Rebuilt for * Mon Dec 22 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.4-1.2.20081212git - Force rebuild on rawhide aka F-11. - Change obsolete gitweb references to valid cgit references. * Fri Dec 12 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.4-1.1.20081212git - Upstream have released 1.2.4 today. This snapshot is 1.2.4. - New snapshot (upstream commit 4e8972638db59d007bc61eb1bef8adb99cc67000): - 4e897263: Bump to 1.2.4 - 2db9ee5e: Add release information for 1.2.4 - 9cdbad32: Nuke description of option "ShadowFB" (not existing any longer). - 0679ce59: Small manpage updates. - 7aae5f7f: FB mapping: Restore original PCI MapSize if IGP memory mapping failed. - 6c91fed6: Workaround for drm header mismatches (DEPRECATED and __user on Fedora 10) - Disable spec file workaround for undefined DEPRECATED and __user macros. * Sat Dec 06 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.3-1.7.20081206git - New snapshot (upstream commit 48def66ce9592926ed9b23530fb21a55ac253392): - 48def66c: Document that Option "DRI" also affects Xv - de7a4147: R5xx XAA: pass correct size to xf86InitFBManager. - 46df4169: RandR 1.3 Panning support - 907365c7: RandR 1.3 Panning support - ae56abc1: RandR: Improve heuristics to determine of an output is connected. - ed532a70: ID: Add connector table for HD 2400 "0x94c3:0x000:0x0000". - 69eadbf2: ID: Supply fixed connector table for Radeon X1300 0x7187:0x1545:0x1930. * Fri Nov 28 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.3-1.6.20081128git - New snapshot (upstream commit 8edc0c698bc225a0581d4e17820f28efb4db97df): - 8edc0c69: BugFix for RandR cursor interface - 48f9d1af: DIG: Remove stray ErrorFs - 078842c7: ID: 0x7187:0x1458:0x215C has a DMS59 connector. - dc81290f: Rotation: document limitations in man page. - d4c49758: Rotation: NULL callbacks to rotation functions if no HW acceleration is enabled. - 66f4a3a6: Rotation: Don't allow to set a PANNING_AREA when rotated. - 5b9ef245: Rotation: Fix up Crtc base pointer. - 23bc497c: Rotation: Remove USE_XAA which had been left over from rebasing. - 24ba47d9: RandR: Some minor cleanup. - e304e561: HW Cursor: Add RandR cursor interface. - c1827740: RandR: Add screen rotation. - 41d4bf71: RandR: Initialise the LUT on a new CRTC. - c2dfeafe: DRI: Bail DRILeave/EnterVT() when drmFD == -1. - def3c1f5: DIG: Add debug code. - ad876362: rhd_conntest: Make rhd_conntest work on FreeBSD. - 10dc7797: ID: Add HPD_OFF flag for Foxconn A7GM-S (RS780) motherboard. - 4d65e4c6: DRI/CS: Set drmFD to -1 after closing the device. - 65f01922: AtomBIOS/BacklightControl: Add destroy function for data structure and fixes. * Wed Nov 12 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.3-1.5.20081112git - New snapshot (upstream commit 53dd35cb766138c879c926a8374380174e876d35): - 53dd35cb: DRI: Exit RHDDRIScreenInit() with FALSE when init failed. - a2fa612c: RandR: Bracket block properly. - fe4356ce: DRI: SwapContext: Stop wanton XAA syncs. - bb14c00c: Add RV730/710 PCI Ids. - ac56b4c8: ASIC_Support: Add AtomBIOS support for RV730/710 chipsets. - 57f11067: I2C: Add additional I2C lines for for DCE3.2 support. - 30f4bf2b: MC: RV770 code also supports generations beyond this. - 680f05ac: AtomBIOS/Backlight Control: Fix AtomBIOS based BL control for hardcoded outputs. - d125c0fa: DIG: Add debug output for EncoderPower(). - 264a8b5f: DIG: Fix SEGFAULT with new coherent option. - db72b6a5: Coherent: Update man page to match Christian Koenig's fixes to the option parser. - 36657dc3: Use RhdParseBooleanOption for ignoreconnector config option - 2e3590da: Use RhdParseBooleanOption for HDMI config option - 908fabd6: DIG: Add RHD_OPTION_NOT_SET to dig outputs. - 08fedbb6: Fix and improve RhdParseBooleanOption. - 3036b40f: Output/Coherent: Fix bug in parser, add man page. - 75b4f1d2: Don't allocate framebuffer for cursor images if software cursor is used. - f29a3d2f: DIG: Don't disable encoders which are assigned to active connectors. - 72aaf9bd: DRI: Keep rhdDri struct for server lifetime. - c3e4ef7f: MC: Consolidate rhdAllIdle() and RHDModePrepare(). - ec67c56c: Move MC setup before DRI init. Fixes issues DRI issues on some systems. - 8676c233: DIG: Add debug output to inform about probed encoder mappings. - 6e40d3b9: Add config option for coherent settings on digital outputs. - 6b76953c: Option: Add handling for option containing a string of boolean settings. - 9ca2384d: BIOSScratch: Treat DAC SENSED_NONE as CRTC output. - 1292ab01: Option: Add handling for option containing a string of boolean settings. * Wed Oct 29 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.3-1.3.20081029git - README.fedora: How to adapt xorg.conf to use radeonhd - New snapshot (upstream commit a36896dd0b44a26816ac0a401c0d9918a100d624): - a36896dd: AtomBIOS/Output: consolidated handling on UNIPHYA and UNIPHYB. - e3c56962: EXA: Move inlcusion of exa.h before xf86_ansic.h. - c38be243: DCE3.0: Properly map DCE3.0 DIG encoders. - 9e81b2cc: ID: Add PCI ID 0x95C6. - e589cc35: Update README and man page only if sed is OK - 7880b5a9: Manpage: Add Christian Koenig to the list of authors. - d88f685c: Fix README update on FreeBSD (sed substitution) - 01152def: Imake: Fix build for xvideo and hdmi audio. - 1e26e7a7: Autoconf: Fix RandR12 changes. - 0ea65a3a: Reorder source file list alphabetically - 3ac30d19: HDMI: Add HDMI support. - 69d4dabe: Autoconf: Fix build on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. - 15f0b2a8: [PATCH] Link with -lpciaccess and -ldrm as needed - b77f9a77: autoconf: Add glproto as a dependency for DRI. - dff3e283: gitignore: Add some distcheck files. - efaebb70: Cleanup SEGV_ON_ASSERT in HAVE_XF86_ANSIC_H case. - 29cd7382: R5xx3D: Disable XHas3DEngineState upon VT switch. - 0a9a206a: CS: Remove Mask member. - 3f558efc: AtomBIOS: Make deviceID override table actually work. * Tue Oct 14 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.3-1.2.20081014git - New snapshot (upstream commit e7abdfc07e16c961767dbff72ddbb12cb5af9677): - e7abdfc0: Xv: Fix build for big endian. - 416eb952: Add HDPSWAP for Gigabyte GV-RX16P256DE-RH. * Mon Oct 13 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.3-1.1.20081013git - Upstream have released 1.2.3 today. This snapshot includes 1.2.3. - Update README.fedora with new features. - New snapshot (upstream commit 28233dcd2729c9339fd97e63df595aebb3bb0f5d): - 28233dcd: Add Alex to authors list in radeon manpage. - 57aca005: Bump to 1.2.3. - 7aa72401: CS: Xv: clean up memory handling. - 13a6774a: CS: Port over textured video support. - 28f2ff1b: CS: Port over EXA code. - 5b3eacc4: CS: Port over and enable XAA. - ec6d1e78: CS: introduce Command Submission infrastructure. - 3a56eb0c: Bump to 1.2.2. - 50a02b9a: Update README and man page. - ffcb67f3: Remove deprecated RRUseXF86Edid option. - 44d2dc94: AtomBIOS: Disable AtomBIOS based backlight support for the hard coded path. - 6612a836: I2C: Fix I2C line ID. - de58929f: Add the HPDOFF flag to 0x71ce, 0x18BC, 0x2770. - 67420d01: AtomBIOS: Some fixes to the option parser. - c4876e9b: Output: hook up AtomBIOS Backlight control if native method is not supported. - 4bba1163: Fix two warnings. - ec287ae3: Fix ASSERT() handling for good. - 1668f1f1: abort() needs stdlib.h - 0fd255db: Don't call xf86abort() if HAVE_XF86_ANSIC_H is not true - 0779c47e: DDC: Make GPIO to DDC line mapping more verbose. - 299a6c86: atombios.h and ObjectId.h updates from upstream - 4dcc6aa0: Debug failure to find .git/ dir - 72feab0a: Pre-CS: radeon_commonfuncs.c got renamed to radeon_3d.c. - 52d7dced: Pre-CS: Make shared code build in master. - f4cbf1d5: AtomBIOS/Output: minor code cleanup. - 4d14b581: AtomBIOS: Adding support for an override AtomBIOS deviceID table. - f7dcc26f: BIOSScratch: Handle missing AtomBIOS device ID more graceful when using quirks table. - 79efadf6: Connector: beautify print message. - abb5fe6c: RandR: Print out driver supplied modes in debug mode. - 030da51f: DAC: Reset FMT register on DCE3 when output is DAC. - a0de2f58: AtomBIOS: Fix test for AtomBIOS usage. - 3c252c2a: Comment/typo fixes in README update rules - dea5cfcd: README: Move build/install docs to INSTALL file - a853fe26: README: Add automatically updated chipset list - e5a8d7fc: README: Fix list of sections * Wed Sep 17 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.1-3.9.20080917git - Fix build on rawhide/F10 by defining cpp macros __user and DEPRECATED - New snapshot (upstream commit 07408e8518e4e19663c109ea8ad765686ea4e01e): - 07408e85: AtomBIOS: Fail driver instance if AtomBIOS mode setting is requested but no BIOS image found. * Sat Sep 06 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.1-3.8.20080906git - New snapshot (upstream commit f1c6cc865d8d0703478c3eedea2e706e911f9965): Upstream has merged their QnD and AtomBIOS branches to master a few weeks time ago, so there are way too many changes to list here. * Thu Jul 24 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.1-3.7.20080724git - New snapshot (upstream commit 31e46386293fd0c54c99328eee3cfe7b49584f9d): - 31e46386: Connectors: Increase the number of available connectors to 6. - 8b1d3323: I2C: Fix I2C slave address probing for RV620 and later. - d65b67b0: HPD: Add support for HPD_3 found on RV620 and later hardware. - a900052b: DIG: Extend heuristic to check if golden values are available for requested coherent/incoherent mode. - d3e6c7f7: RandR: Log when a 'scaled to' mode doesn't vaildate. - 68592e30: MC/RS600: Fix MC indirect access functions. - fdf5014c: CRTC/Scaler: Log more information about the scaler. - 94d759b9: DDIA: Disable Sync DC Balancer on DDIA block of RS690. - 202f2332: I2C: Check for more error conditions in I2CStatus on RS690. - ec2fbeee: Fix typo in list of supported chips (again) - 435320de: Crtc/Scaler: Disallow interlaced for all modes involving scaler. - c0e0dc7d: ID: Adding M82 chipset name and some more verbose logging info. - 8133d1a4: MC: Enable MC control for RS600, fixed segfault. - f362e5ab: R5xx DRI: increase CP timeout. - 1761d6c5: R5xx Accel: split r5xx2DInfo into XAA and EXA specific structs. * Sat Jul 19 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.1-3.6.20080719git - Compile DRI support. * Sat Jul 19 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.1-3.5.20080719git - New snapshot (upstream commit 603a35a670c71d32c4f393e21ed09f87449ebbf6): - 603a35a6: Fix typo in list of supported chips - 3bc154bf: ID: Remove concept of chipset families. - 3ac5a2f5: ID: Update list of supported chipsets, bring in sync with chipsets listed. - edb72452: MC: Make sure MC engine is all idle before setting up the MC. - 4eebf4bc: Define SED var without requiring AC_PROG_SED - 2bc4450a: Use 'git foo' instead of 'git-foo' - 4134177e: Automatically update man page from rhd_id.c - b3717c77: I2C: Fix typo that caused one DDC line to not work properly. - bd14f735: Add proper MCIdle() bits for r6xx/r7xx - 72477c9e: manpage: Add description on the scaling option. - Fix removal of build dir in snapshot script * Wed Jul 16 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.1-3.4.20080716git - New snapshot (upstream commit 820187b208ab1ec94a015f07e48abbb381524c89): - 820187b2: Fix hangs when setting up the MC * Sun Jul 13 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.1-3.4.20080713git - Note Fedora package version in radeonhd's Xorg.N.log output. - Snapshot generation updates spec file now - New snapshot (upstream commit 8326ff4fb3d2fff74b11a5391b74866a656380ff): - 8326ff4f: MC: Add a stub for RV770 MCIdle(). - c6dcd8d1: conntest: Add support for RV770 to rhd_conntest. - 20476754: I2C: Add DDC read out support for DDC3/4. - 49b3782f: I2C: Read SDA/SCL mapping for RV620 and up from AtomBIOS GPIO Info block. - 4b7ce33f: Add initial support for RV770 - 9b388fb0: DIG: Add support for ATOM_TRANSMITTER_CONFIG_LINKA_B/B_A. - c258c35f: conntest: test more error conditions. - 45961a0c: sh cmd substitution w/ backticks until git found - 31d76dab: Document more names for xorg/util/macros packages - fde79f9b: Add XORG_* macro names to docs for easy grepping - d44b0def: Name drivers dir "driversdir" - 7b3bd157: Disable unnecessary libtool CXX and F77 checks - cd4ed275: Fix typo in git format-patch instruction * Mon Jun 30 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.1-3.3.20080630git - New snapshot (upstream commit c2139d8c7aed128644dcb1481426164ece0b967d): - c2139d8c: R5xx Accel: another 2DFlush fix... - dbc7057d: R5xx EXA: Destroy Nulls the XAAInfo... Oops... - 5fe51b2e: r5xx accel: bring 2DFlush and engine initialisation into the r300+ era. - 85ae6e1b: r5xx accel: move r5xx_2dregs to r5xx_regs.c. - 39209b36: rhddump: bail out correctly when no pci-tag is provided. - 10d5a41d: DAC: Program TV mux only for DACB. - 7825387b: CloseScreen: Fix test for AccelMethod. * Sun Jun 22 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.1-3.2.20080622git - Proposed fix for bugs #451349 and #452050 (commit a67a65eb) - New snapshot (upstream commit 1eff3e783bf6cab33dad837ec0c4edc07d967f7c): - 1eff3e78: CONNTEST: Added new PCI Ids. - 372c5905: ATOMBios: Fix bogus log message. - a67a65eb: MC: Add sanity check for IGP FB location. - c38112c8: VRAM Fix clamping to aperture. - 2bfccf62: Add more verbose debugging information. - 74cb0fc6: Free data structures on close screen to avoid memory leak. - 47ba86d6: Add a bit of info to the README to help FreeBSD users who are having trouble building the driver. * Wed Jun 18 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.1-3.1.20080618git - New snapshot (upstream commit 1f65f354cfdda40578b222beb1dd6a48af451735): - 1f65f354: MC Fix build. - 357e232a: Add test for sideport memory on IGP. - 88e0c878: MC Add optiuon to turn off chipset features that have not been verified by ATI. - c6e75506: DIG,RS780 Fix test for LVDS/TMDS. - 6623271d: MC,RS780 Set the correct write enable bit for MC write access. * Fri Jun 13 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.1-2.20080613git - New snapshot (upstream commit ad59f09e3e30f5aafbd29a07f1078c2293847ad6): - ad59f09e: MC: HDP_FB_LOCATION on R5xx is direct MMIO not indirect thru MC. * Thu Jun 05 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.1-2.20080605git - New snapshot (upstream commit 26ccf1177465beb2db5a2c972dd7adc17c3f457b): - DRI support on R5xx (X1000 series) - Lots of other updates, too many to list them all. * Tue Apr 29 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.1-1.1.20080429git - Fix segfault in some configurations (commit 71ec0c90) (#439046) - New snapshot (upstream commit 45fdec79e523f3f9637c35a3d84c1fd9e61b9b21): - 45fdec79: R5xx TMDSA: Power: don't clobber UNKNOWN when going in RESET. - c2a844ca: LVTMA: always use IDCLK for transmitter. - 9d489911: Add proper fallbacks for I2C timing if clock information from AtomBIOS isn't available. - 71ec0c90: Limit mapped fb size to available VRAM, clamp VGA save/restore to mapped fb size. - 0697b366: Add a test for __GLIBC__ to CD_Common_Types.h. - 19e4011e: Add connector table for 0x7183, 0x1092, 0x3000. - e3d1a63a: Fix flickering thru DPMS on TMDSA, improve debug messages for output Power(). - 686fd334: Add fallback to rhd_conntest to work when AtomBIOS isn't available. - 38e7a912: Add better debugging output for VGASave(). - 6f34607b: Fix mapping flags for FB when using libpciaccess. - 10ebfdbc: Adapt to API changes in current upstream X. - db8aa081: Add register write to dumper. - 0dd39c82: Clamp the size of VGA memory to read to not read past the end of the framebuffer. - 0442f2d5: Don't use chipset based backlight control when not enabled at startup. - df83b56a: Improve DAC load detection. - 420a4b10: Fix backlight and coherent property for RandR 1.3. - 84bf6a2a: Remove debugging code that was accidentally committed. - 0ffd41e0: Remove call to alloca(). - bdea7eba: Fix up function name for RHDReadPCIBios(). - b6bec02e: Replace reverse engineered PCI BIOS ROM enable code for R6xx. - e65e6c00: Fall back to reading the PCI VBIOS when reading from legacy location fails. - cf87d316: Fix a segfault in the DIG block. - b6be09ff: Save/Restore backlight controls, obtain initial brightness from text mode. - 3893c621: Add backlight support to RV620/635 DIG transmitter blocks. - 5fccf420: Add support for coherent mode for digital outputs to rhd_randr.c. - d401bf8f: Add 'coherent' property for DIG (UNIPHY/LVTMA), R5/6xx LVTMA and TMDSA. - 54a74878: Change backlight controls to new property model. - 01e9dd1d: Add general output property callback. - a751128b: Backlight control: change some debugging output to only show in verbose log. - b7a2fa25: Add support to control backlight brightness thru RandR properties. - e4d846c9: Include alloca.h in rhd_conntest.c, fix messages in rhd_dump. - 725ea553: Reorder TMDSA setup/power on code. Improve TMDS PLL reset. - bf267c11: Add connector quirk table for Visiontek C1550. - a60e01c8: Fixed name "RHD_DDC_NONE" printed out to log message. - 6a19b519: Add missing support for HDP_FB_BASE on r5xx and rs690. * Tue Apr 15 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.1-1 - 1.2.1 release (upstream commit 761940fde7fef72bff18a8b8e840540452cf675a) - New RV670 devices added: HD 3960, FireStream 9170 - Unsupported M86 device removed: HD3650 - assert() -> ASSERT() fixes * Fri Apr 11 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.2.0-2 - Fix spec file snapshot/no-snapshot conditionals - 1.2.0 release (upstream commit 9d131f9035b3b0ff7755dda708e16326aa156e83): - 9d131f90: Bump to 1.2.0. Add changes to README. - 7560240b: Update + fix supported chips list, both in source and manpage. - 59505016: Add a very basic register dump utility. - b0563cbd: Add a very basic register dump utility. - 89c10062: Minor cleanups. - bb652740: git_version scripts: add licensing information. - 60dc7e04: Add a hard coded connector table for an MSI HD2600PRO AGP. - 8048353d: Remove unneeded use of pciTag when using libpciaccess. - 3076447f: Fix MC access for RS 690. - 01bc57b1: Add initial support for talking to IGP northbridges. - 46367d61: Add IGP flag to chipset map. - 338eb58b: In verbose 7 debug mode dump present mode line. - c0c8fbed: Mark PCI subsystem 0x94C1, 0x1002, 0x0D02 DMS-59. - 5a8138e8: Treat RV635 as a separate family. - 954fd01c: Provide more information on HPD detection and mode programming in verbose log. - 4733547b: Add support for the full RS690 family including RS740. - 580ad5bf: Enable RS690 MC support. - decf3554: Treat all RV515 chips as such in MC code. - 2c2d1320: Add a workaround to make interlaced mode work. - 783b5ab4: Add support for interlaced modes. - 6d5ef116: Add better support for LVTMA TMDS macro control values on R5xx and RS600/RS690. - 38efb27c: Add MC idle testing for RV515, add MC support for RV550. - f64aba20: Use proper temporal dither reset bits depending on chip generation. * Fri Apr 04 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.0-0.9.20080404git - Do not create fedora snapshot git branch unless necessary - Allow changing laptop panel background brightness (#350601) - New snapshot (upstream commit db2c3948d5a398047b3a881f6f88541dc963d22e): - db2c3948: Fix LVTMA code to also handle single link DVI correctly. - 55e3b21e: HDMI Type A is single link DVI while B is dual link. - d53f2201: Add source select to DDIA block. - be9055f0: Fixed argument order to rhdAtomGetTableRevisionAndSize(). - 1623f86f: Added missing rhd_ddia.c/rhd_ddia.o to Imakefile. - 186c345c: Print output name for sensed type. - d7d63b25: Print sensed type also for RandR. - 6d628f56: Make debugging output of HPD verbose about the result. - 811b0cd6: Added quirk table entry for a different Sapphire X1300 - 89cfb738: Add support for RS690 DDIA digital block. - b6418a97: Add debugging aids. - c8ad2599: Reset CRTC horizontal counter replication. - bd11d76a: Handle AtomBIOS TMDS PLL parameters correctly. - 806d9536: HDMI Type B connector is dual link capable. - ae3171b9: Add TMDS PLL macro control values for M54 (0x7145). - 19a6eb46: Chipset name review. - 96f36339: Fixed imake build. - 3d62e9a1: Cosmetics: Move RV620/635 to a more sensible position in our devices list. - 9de85904: RHDPLLsInit: PLL2: Add missing " else " in "if () {}{}"... Duh. - 00f182d6: Use correct option name for (yet unused) TVMode option. - 98d328b0: Fix endless loop. - 427d9553: If available read panel dithering parameters from AtomBIOS. - c336508e: Remove DVI_DUAL as a type which can be detected by load detection. - bf8bda88: Make variable and enum names more consistent. - db0d6058: Fix a memory leak. - 098cf71d: Make test for DIG2 more consistent. - 46a40c82: Add #ifdef wrappers around AtomBIOS related code. - 54f491f9: Add AtomBIOS based UNIPHY support for RV620/635. - 2d81ffc7: Fix a wrong type in ATOM_ANALOG_TV_INFO in upstream version of atombios.h. - cab03118: DxCRTC: Fix disabling check. - 52f04a7f: TMDSA: Fix sensing with respect to duallink. - 42d3201b: PLL: further fall-out of removal of validation callback for our hw. - 8f499c38: DVI is on TMDSB not LVDS. - 56a264f8: Set Connector element already in rhdRROutputDetect(). - 478bda79: Fix issues with DDC on RV620/635. - e5dddbc2: Fix issues with DAC load detection on RV620/635. - 5596d06d: Fix issues with DAC load detection and erronous DDC detection on RV620/635. - c9ccc4c4: Resolve unknown registers. - aa7037a7: Remove stale structure elements. - dfe36048: Changed heuristics for encoder link enabling. - 153331e8: Properly restore Encoder and Transmitter. - 6742f79e: RV620: Add Pixelclock support. - 807e525a: Implement the hardware level scaling code. - fd6a7abf: Restructure FMT block handling. - 2e1f55b0: Consolidate handling of dual link TMDS displays. - f0256f38: List explicite arguments for FMT block programming. - 59de4071: Fix identification of end-of-code table data tables and GoldenSettings search. - b3df388f: Add RV620/RV635 devices. - c13650e6: Add KLDSKP_LVTMA and UNIPHYs to connector handling. - 0dee42c5: Add support for new DIG blocks on RV620/635. - 8dabb69a: Fix structure names in rhd_output.c. - 80fb6b3f: Fix copy-over artefacts from rhd_conntest. - 252491e4: Adding KLDSKP_LVTMA and UNIPYA/B as output types. - 6dab67a8: Add RHD_CONNECTOR_DVI_SINGLE to be able to mark a single link connector. - abb188fe: Separate query for temporal and spatial dithering. - 4ec30282: Add more verbose output on GoldenSettings matching. - a0c11368: Add support enumerated object IDs to the connector table parser. - b280b417: Support for TMDSA dual link load detection (untested!). - dec87ba6: Add support for dual link DVI panels (untested!). - cf8eea25: Add support for two new ObjectIDs required for RV620/635. - 55ce4f82: Added own version of AtomBIOS getConditionalGoldenValues(). - 283c2d2e: Fix GPIO routing for DDC in RV620/635. - d499a616: Fix GPIO routing for DDC for RV620/635 in rhd_conntest.c. - 8de4cd9a: Locate data tables embedded in AtomBIOS command tables. - e29024d9: Consolidate load detection for R5xx/r6xx in rhd_conntest. - f021c0cf: Add support for DAC load detection and I2C for RV620/RV635 to rhd_conntest. - 481df402: Add stubs for the PLL subsystem. - 3ba1c093: Add support for the DAC output subsystem for RV620/RV635. - b08e64ec: Add I2C subsystem support for RV620/RV635. - 089801d4: Add RV620/RV635 PCI IDs. - 47298a34: Add support for sensing and programming different analog outputs. - 2d42e5b7: Add monitor support for TVs. - 8f06626d: Add an option to pass the TV standard to override boot default. - 3fe49f2a: Fix spelling of 'Supp(p)orted' to match the fixed spelling in atombios.h. - 2bcabe12: Add parsing of TV releated data tables to the AtomBIOS support. - 726f6da1: Add TV detection do DAC load detection. - e1605dfb: Be more verbose about fb parameters. - 5163b9fb: Get and store verbosity level. - 00e1b025: Restore original order of CRTCRestore and VGARestore. * Sat Mar 01 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.0-0.7.20080301git - Add dependency on xorg server on F9 to prevent ABI compatibility issues (#431176) - Reflect R5xx partial 2D acceleration support in README.fedora - New snapshot (upstream commit 8c6d1b46b70ae19fafb5484c238a74cca18d5990): - 8c6d1b46: conntest: add new ids. - 294cf1f6: Fix test for RS6XX in RHDMCSetup(). - 1b3f3c9c: Add connector table flag for X1400 (0x7145, 0x1297, 0x3058). - a23b1123: Loop over all CRTCs when shutting down memory access. - 8432cb08: Add quirk table entry for Diamond Viper Radeon X1650 Pro - 5ba5f4b5: Include description for acceleration options. - eee9b718: Fix typo in patch adding DradonFlyBSD support. - f89bac58: Add support for DragonFlyBSD. - 1223e40a: Add debugging to rhd_conntest.c - 1e8637b1: Changing R6XX_MC_VM_MISC_OFFSET to R6XX_HDP_NONSURFACE_BASE. - 854ce3b2: Make DDC for panels work on MacBook Pro's. - 247d4263: Set up GPIO pin HW access for DDC testing in rhd_conntest. - 23a47ec0: Restore VGA after restoring the CRTCs. - 74eacf3e: Make sure GRAPH and CRTC engine are disabled before changing surface. - 2b16734b: Set GPIO pins to be HW driven on R5xx for HW controlled I2C. - 2feff5cb: Add wait for memory idle state. - e0d58784: Handle LVTMA_TRANSMITTER_ENABLE identically on R5/6xx. - 1849092e: Add connector information for a Sapphire Radeon HD 2600 PRO AGP (PnPID: 0x9587:0x1002:0x0028). - 7527df07: Revert "PATCH: Report PANEL as disconnected when no modes are available" - 3d29d4ce: PATCH: Report PANEL as disconnected when no modes are available - cd6a4b89: typo fix in DPI guessing code - 1a503c59: Update ObjectID.h - 8640be8e: Update atombios.h * Sat Feb 16 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.0-0.6.20080216git - New snapshot (upstream commit a9af866ae712a0048d374dc640e482d1f4ce8859): - a9af866a: Prevent endless loop in connector table parser. - 80c7c9e5: Fix device ID for 0x7187, 0x174B, 0x3000 in cards table. - bef7f09c: Ask people to not only send in their log file but also to describe their problem. - bde5fbbf: Added 'HPD swap' flag for 0x7187, 0x174B, 0x300. - 7606be1a: Fully implement the SaveScreen() function. - 748de840: VGA: bitten by pScrn->videoRam in kB instead of B again. - cbbd54a2: Fix blaning problem in bug #13853. - f37d4cb9: Don't make assumptions about DDC clk line on RS690 when AtomBIOS is not available. - dc519eb2: Need to include string.h in r5xx_exa.c * Sun Feb 03 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.0-0.5.20080203git - New snapshot (upstream commit caa10014d115a49a59b4a2aef6ce36a4e615556a): - Basic EXA/XAA for R5xx - Add PowerColor X1550, PCP X1600 400M/500E, R680 (HD3870 X2) - 7cab021c: Improve FB handling - e0cfbcd5: Add AccelMethod Option and related handling - 5829bff7: TMDSA: Add control value for 71C4 - 7cb27bca: Add RHD_CARD_FLAG_HPDOFF flag, improve quirk entries for T60p - 32d1b4d9: If no EDID is available, assume 96dpi on the first (preferred) mode - ad50eaa0: Correct order of mask and value in ROM access code - 0f066c20: Implemented PLL functions for CAIL, fixed MC - 361ba486: Change heuristics to check for an unPOSTed card - 72e7b062: Fix some issues when reading PCI ROM on POSTed systems - a412d582: Read PCI BIOS on secondary R5xx cards * Thu Jan 03 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.0-0.3.20080103git - New snapshot (upstream commit 4e488a349c862da2e27f6025d376fb2b63db3bf9): - Enable FB location fix for r5xx. - Fix PLLControlTableRetrieve() loop. * Fri Dec 28 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.0-0.2.20071228git - New snapshot (upstream commit fcf15c8facb7c2c1a4a2513f3f84537f3f35c6a1): - (Some?) RV670 support - c036b819: Only report unknown cards IF they have issues. - b9277bfc: Check for loaded fglrx kernel module. - 765f5972: Man page describes all RandR properties - 2b3928c6: Fix "messed up colours" issues after suspend/resume - ... * Wed Dec 19 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.0.0-0.4.20071219git - New snapshot (upstream commit 861debbf8d649ce09d53d5880f819757ac9c7814) - 861debbf: Make the driver build with the latest ustream git server sources again. - 9120f95f: Delete a spurious when doing make clean. - e98195bd: Don't fail immediately when git-rev-parse fails. - 6d9a6709: IDs: Asus M2A-VM should now no longer need a connector table. - 521bcace: DxGRPH: Fix graphics engine colour issues (hopefully). - 47f8a6f7: Add support for HDMI connectors. - 21e1c6c4: Get EDID block for panels from AtomBIOS even if there is a special Mode. - 492e94c3: LVDS: Fix 18/24 bit dithering and disable spatial dither. - 55f89f69: LVDS: Fix FPDI handling. - ef51931a: HPD pin swapping logic. - 9741c5be: TMDSA: properly add macro control for 0x7149 (M56) - dcfd91c2: TMDSA/B: add macro control values for 0x71C6 (RV530) - c784c92a: TMDSA: add macro control for 0x7147 (M56) - 5acefe5c: ID: 0x724B: Sapphire Radeon X1900 GT - 1a1d110f: Restore: Fix VGA textmode restore when VSYNC length is 0. * Wed Dec 12 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.0.0-0.3.20071212git - New snapshot (upstream commit b991fe3d884a51e236f895c41b0ba1b06127f7dd): - b991fe3d: DACs: Properly set up and save/restore SYNC_SELECT. - bb12148c: Added Asus M2A-VM (RS690 based) to quirks table. - 87f8f8e9: Add Gigabyte HD 2600 XT to quirks table. - b0cb8aec: Don't check for connector type for DMS-59 detection (RandR case). - affbdf54: Additional checks for cursor size in UseHWCursor(). - 09b4dea7: Only reload cursor image if there is one. - dc7fe476: Broken connector table: GeCube Radeon HD 2400 AGP: proper fix. - ae46a18d: TMDSA/B: 9587 electrical values. - 030f715c: Fix 13509: Xserver crash when RandR finds no modes. - c01edd52: Improve scanning of panning area specification. Pan to area on setting it. - 42a07a0d: Re-create Atoms for properties in CreateResources. - 6d0c7c32: Add panning in RandR mode. - Ship new ChangeLog file. * Sun Dec 09 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.0.0-0.2.20071209git - New snapshot (upstream commit e399d16597e30a6c53c8f70aa122285615fe7d08) - Fix blank screen occuring in some cases. - Initial RS600 support. - Sync and LUT fixes. - Add useful DPI calculation. - Relax xorg-x11-server-utils requirement: Only for F-8 and later, no %{dist}. * Fri Nov 30 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.0.0-0.1.20071130git - New snapshot (upstream commit 9fe776edf44c40d06e0059878df4f37391409c66 aka 1.0.0) - Significantly improve README and radeonhd(4) man page. - Add a number of connector table workarounds. - Several messages fixed or toned down. * Thu Nov 29 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.4-0.2.20071129git - New snapshot (upstream commit 8b1b8bfb21d2d86780cb4e02abc813578daa24bd): - RandR 1.2 support with hotplugging of monitors. - R600 LVDS: RS690M, M72, M74 and M76 devices. - Fixed "white screen" bug. - Numerous fixes and new support for features. - Preserve source file timestamps where possible. * Fri Nov 16 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.18.20071116git - New snapshot (upstream commit dbb073b8b314264e311c3a1ebecd13d93e9627a6): - Macbook Pro PCI ID based workaround for awkward AtomBIOS connector table. - TMDSA: create a table for electrical adjustments. - Fix bug submission URL in README.fedora. * Tue Nov 13 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.17.20071113git - New snapshot (upstream commit 6f1800ca52531f5baf3df2e65a7bbd93e4b1e637): - LVTMA TMDS: Add initial TMDS support for r5xx. - TMDS B: Add table with macro control values. - Loosen requirements on xorg-x11-server-{Xorg,sdk} from 1.3 to 1.1 (FC6, EL5). - Require pkgconfig for building (not in EL5 default buildroot). - Adapt references to rhd_conntest in filesystem. - Fix git:// URL in README.fedora. * Sun Nov 11 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.16.20071105git - Updated README.fedora. - Improved git commit log message. - First F-7 and F-8 builds. * Mon Nov 05 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.15.20071105git - New snapshot (upstream commit e9c24f662860229440dc61ecbae22e7d7c74d442): - Improve online help in rhd_conntest. - Use correct variable for DDC speed setting on R6xx, fix some warnings. - Add git version to program output (we emulate that). - Ship rhd_conntest source, and build it (we also install it). * Wed Oct 31 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.14.20071031git - New snapshot (upstream commit ad599c4436c64b11d18c89da6a684f5241979a96): - Fix 1650Pro PLL gain control. - Improve connector handling. - Stow away radeonhd.xinf generator for possible later use. * Tue Oct 30 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.13.20071030git - Do not #include <sys/io.h> in rhd_conntest.c (fix PPC build). * Tue Oct 30 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.12.20071030git - New snapshot (upstream commit f3a2530cea981c6b4c88ec85093032ea152ed47f): - #include standard headers in corner cases (supposed to fix FC6 build) * Sun Oct 28 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.11.20071028git - New snapshot (upstream commit 604bfb02cefa5f56b40aea2dc3256f09836121a4): - Added ID for Radeon HD 2600 LE (RV630). - Be smarter about the xorg.conf monitor section by selectively ignoring it. - Fix mode instability when returning to VT on some mobilities. * Thu Oct 25 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.10.20071025git - New snapshot (upstream commit d8cb8a2a8315f86fae0266f58ee30b609c81d510). - Remove man page patches (man page is upstream now). * Tue Oct 23 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.9.20071023git - New snapshot (upstream commit 8699deaba2c920a3df35acfea49360888868becb). - Add bug report section to README.fedora. * Sat Oct 20 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.8.20071020git - New snapshot (upstream commit 3579bdddd95dc6f129e57bcf05cbd8b9b375940f). - Cleaned up snapshot script. - Package rhd_conntest utility when building snapshot package. - Add simple man page. - Add README.fedora file. * Wed Oct 17 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.7.20071017git - New snapshot (upstream commit d03841b4950b3b827b3c42507e01767d0569391f). - Use upstream's version 0.0.2. - Trade in ThinkPad backlight key fix for non-broken mode on lid event. * Mon Oct 15 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.1-0.6.20071015git - Hard-code version at 0.0.1 until upstream have figured out what they want. - Names of snapshot tarballs now contain timestamp. - Static definition of %{date}, optionally updated by snapshot script. - Non-executable snapshot script. * Mon Oct 15 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.1-0.5.20071015git - Use %{driverdir} where possible. - Include script in SRPM. - Trimmed Description. - Removed unnecessary -n from %files. - Removed ".fc8" from changelog entries. - Improved comment on %define snapshot. * Mon Oct 15 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.1-0.4.20071015git - New snapshot (needs less patches). * Sun Oct 14 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.1-0.3.20071014git - Initial Fedora RPM package.