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Package Namehawkey
SummaryLibrary providing simplified C and Python API to libsolv
DescriptionA Library providing simplified C and Python API to libsolv.
Built byakozumpl
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive05
StartedFri, 08 Nov 2013 10:11:34 UTC
CompletedFri, 08 Nov 2013 10:17:48 UTC
Taskbuild (rawhide, /hawkey:b9c4a4b21983fc5f9104e36b1cfadec4f8c17e5c)
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python3-hawkey-0.4.5-1.fc21.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
hawkey-debuginfo-0.4.5-1.fc21.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Fri Nov 08 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.5-1 - goal: installonly_limit = 0 means it is disabled. (Ales Kozumplik) - written API changes for Query filter latest option (RhBug:1025650) (Jan Silhan) - tests: superfluous calls. (Ales Kozumplik) - removed define PyString_AsString in pycomp.h (Jan Silhan) - replaced PyInt_FromLong with PyLong_FromLong (Jan Silhan) - replaced PyInt_AsLong with PyLongAs_Long (Jan Silhan) - added latest to query ignoring architectures (Jan Silhan) - renamed hy_query_filter_latest to hy_query_filter_latest_per_arch (Jan Silhan) - logging: additional logging output on repo loading errors. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: refactor and add a loglevel. (Ales Kozumplik) - queries: allow glob matching in query. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: slightly simplify (Ales Kozumplik) - subject: yield correct results when globbing over a version. (Ales Kozumplik) - subject: globbing for sack._knows. (Ales Kozumplik) - py: subject: sack._knows doesn't need to take sack. (Ales Kozumplik) * Tue Oct 29 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.4-1 - With the current libsolv there's no need to reinit solver for re-resolving. (Ales Kozumplik) - speedup fetching rpmdb a bit by reusing what we can from the old cache. (Ales Kozumplik) - adapt to libsolv 3b3dd72: obsoleting by an installonly package is erasing. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: slim test_goal.c by using a testsys function instead of its reimplementation. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: shave some lines off test_goal.c by using smarter Goal results assertion. (Ales Kozumplik) - installonlines: python bindings for installonly_limit. (Ales Kozumplik) - goal: when sorting the installonly candidates, consider the running kernel. (Ales Kozumplik) - Limit the number of installed installonlies. (RhBug:880524) (Ales Kozumplik) - iutil.c: dump_solvables_queue. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: concentrate all libsolv solver initialization into the static solve(). (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: goal: reinit_solver() (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: dump_packagelist() can free the list too. (Ales Kozumplik) - iutil: running_kernel(). (Ales Kozumplik) * Tue Oct 15 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.3-1 - methods get_delta_from_evr from package and add_cmdline_package from sack can take unicode string as argument (Jan Sil - tests: move TestSack out of the testing module into tests. (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon Sep 30 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.2-1.git4c51f65 - Goal: excluding and then installing results in incomprehenisble problem desc. (RhBug:995459) (Ales Kozumplik) - added support of cost option in repos (Jan Silhan) * Mon Sep 16 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.1-1.git6f35513 - spec file also generates python3-hawkey rpm (Jan Silhan) - fixed package object rich comparision (Jan Silhan) - Add libsolv-devel as a hard requires for hawkey-devel (Richard Hughes) - Python 3 bindings added (Jan Silhan) * Wed Jul 31 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.0-1.git0e5506a - Detect the variant of armv7l. (RhBug:915269) (Ales Kozumplik) - add package.downloadsize and package.installsize. (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon Jul 22 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.16-1.git4e79abc - Correctly find the installed package when looking for updates (Richard Hughes) - Change the hy_package_get_update_severity() API to return an enum value (Richard Hughes) - Do not enforce all repos load all kinds of specified metadata (Richard Hughes) - Fix a tiny memory leak introduced in 68ebca4a80aec636d30a9fd4fb9aa2d9bf9a8eca (Richard Hughes) - Add methods to get details about package updates (Richard Hughes) - Add updateinfo support to hawkey, using the existing parser in libsolv (Richard Hughes) - Do not count updates when counting the number of packages in a sack (Richard Hughes) * Wed Jul 17 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.15-1.git996cd40 - py: fix memory leak in sack-py.c:new_package (Ales Kozumplik) - rebuild the package, the previous version does not correspond to an existing commit. * Mon Jun 24 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.14-1.git78b3aa0 - tests: test_get_files(): test against a package with files outside /usr/bin and /etc. (Ales Kozumplik) - py: simplify exception throwing in load_system_repo(). (Ales Kozumplik) - Install stringarray.h so client programs can use hy_stringarray_free() (Richard Hughes) - py: bindings for package.files. (Ales Kozumplik) - add hy_package_get_files. (Ales Kozumplik) - Fix three trivial comment mis-spellings (Richard Hughes) - Set required python version to 2 (Richard Hughes) - Add a HY_VERSION_CHECK macro (Richard Hughes) - packaging: add license information to every file. (Ales Kozumplik) - py: add 'installed' property to hawkey.Package (Panu Matilainen) - tests: add test-case for hy_package_installed() (Panu Matilainen) - Add .baseurl getter to Python and C APIs. (Zdenek Pavlas) - tests: fix a memory leak revealed by libsolv commit 0804020. (Ales Kozumplik) - Return the installed size for installed packages in hy_package_get_size() (Panu Matilainen) - Add a function for determining whether HyPackage is installed or not (Panu Matilainen) * Mon May 27 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.13-2.git15db39f - goal: running the same Goal instance twice or more. (Ales Kozumplik) - sack._knows can now determine if a particular 'name-version' sounds familiar. (Ales Kozumplik) - Goal: do not set the 'keepexplicitobsoletes' flag. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: fixtures for upgrade_all() with installonly packages. (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon May 13 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.12-1.git60cc1cc - goal: fix assertions about the job queue when translating selectors. (Ales Kozumplik) - SOLVER_NOOBSOLETES is SOLVER_MULTIVERSION. (Ales Kozumplik) - goal: testing number of requests and presence of certain kinds of requests. (Ales Kozumplik) * Thu May 02 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.11-1.gitffe0dac - obsoletes: do not report obsoleted packages in hy_goal_list_erasures(). (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: goal: list_obsoletes -> list_obsoleted. (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: hy_goal_package_all_obsoletes() -> hy_goal_list_obsoleted_by_package(). (Ales Kozumplik) - apichange: remove: hy_goal_package_obsoletes(). (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: simplify test_goal_upgrade_all() somehwat. (Ales Kozumplik) - goal: add ability to list all of the package's and transaction's obsoletes. (Ales Kozumplik) - py: allow directly comparing NEVRAs by their EVRs. (RhBug:953203) (Ales Kozumplik) - add hy_sack_evr_cmp(). (Ales Kozumplik) - py: fix SIGSEGV in unchecked hy_goal_describe_problem() call. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: update the Tutorial for the current version of the API. (Ales Kozumplik) - subject parsing: recognize "pyton-hawkey" is a name in "python-hawkey-0.3.10". (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon Apr 08 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.10-1.git1d51b83 - hy_goal_write_debugdata() (Ales Kozumplik) * Wed Mar 20 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.9-1.gitc0c16c0 - refactoring: hy_sack_get_cache_path -> hy_sack_get_cache_dir. (Ales Kozumplik) - hy_sack_create() now accepts a flag to disable automatic cachedir creation. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix crashes when the logfile can not be initialized. (Ales Kozumplik) * Fri Mar 01 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.8-1.git046ab1c - py: expose Subject.pattern (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: added the rootdir parameter to hy_sack_create(). (Ales Kozumplik) - sack: allow specifying a different rootdir (AKA "installroot") (Ales Kozumplik) - Forms recognized by ``Subject`` are no longer an instance-scope setting. (RhBug:903687) (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon Feb 11 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.7-2.gitdd10ac7 - Selector: allow constraining by version only (without the release). (Ales Kozumplik) - python: reldep_repr() outputs a valid number. (Ales Kozumplik) - Add pkg.conflicts and pkg.provides. (RhBug:908406) (Ales Kozumplik) - hy_query_filter_requires() internally converts to a reldep. (Ales Kozumplik) - support filtering by 'obsoletes' and 'conflicts' reldeps. (RhBug:908372) (Ales Kozumplik) - allow filtering by requires with reldeps. (RhBug:908372) (Ales Kozumplik) - py: Query.filter() returns instance of the same type as the original query. (Ales Kozumplik) - sack_knows() does case-insensitive matching too (pricey yet needed). (Ales Kozumplik) - subject: best shot at 'some-lib-devel' is not that EVR is 'lib-devel'. (RhBug:903687) (Ales Kozumplik) * Wed Jan 30 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.6-2.gita53a6b1 - subject: best shot at 'some-lib-devel' is not that EVR is 'lib-devel'. (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: put HY_PKG_LOCATION into the lists alphabetically. (Ales Kozumplik) - New key HY_PKG_LOCATION for query (Tomas Mlcoch) - querying for upgrades: do not include arbitrary arch changes. (Ales Kozumplik) * Fri Jan 18 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.6-1.gitc8365fa - excludes: Query respects the exclude list. (related RhBug:884617) - excludes: apply excludes in Goal. (related RhBug:884617) - goal: support forcebest flag. (related RhBug:882211) - disabling/enabling entire repositories. - selector: preview possibly matched packages with hy_selector_matches(). (related RhBug:882851) * Thu Jan 03 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.5-3.gitf981c48 - Rebuild with proper git revision. * Fri Dec 21 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.5-1.gitd735540 - Move to libsolv-0.2.3 (suit minor API change there) * Mon Dec 17 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.4-1.gitb3fcf21 - Subject: infrastructure for discovering NEVRA explanations of what user's input meant. - fix: cloning an evaluated Query should copy the result set too. - Reldeps: creating custom-specified reldeps (name, evr). - Goal: accept a selector targeting a provide. - delete goal_internal.h, not needed. - Goal: give the solver SOLVER_FLAG_ALLOW_VENDORCHANGE (RhBug:885646) - fix crash when hash for an invalid Reldep is requested. * Mon Nov 26 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.3-1.git4e41b7f - Python: improve Query result caching (uses the C facility now). - packageset: add internal function for getting elements with a hint. - Python, performance: internally uses a set for the results instead of a list. - Query: fix selecting upgrades for packages of changing architecture. - Goal: add upgrade_to_selector() (EVR specs in selectors) - checksums: do not assert() when the pkg hasn't got the asked checksum. (RhBug:878823) - API change: rename: hy_package_get_nvra() -> hy_package_get_nevra(). - Goal: support distupgrade of all packages. * Thu Nov 15 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.2-1.gite883549 - fix: hy_package_cmp() shouldn't compare packages of different arch equal. - Goal: support reinstalls. * Thu Nov 08 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.1-2.git6f9df85 - py: add __all__ to the hawkey module. - API cleanup: give checksumming functions the 'hy_' prefix. - Add HyPackageSet. - Make hy_query_filter_package_in() general enough to handle the relations too. - Py: filter by relation and a set of target packages. - remove: hy_query_filter_obsoleting(). - query: implement an empty Query filter. - Add the reldep objects, reldep containers, and hy_package_get_requires(). (RhBug:847006) - Query: filter provides by reldeps. (RhBug:847006) - cleanup header files inclusions. - py: fix memory leak package_str(). - hy_package_get_obsoletes(). - Query: filter with ORed reldep lists. * Wed Oct 17 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.0-1.gitafa7717 - API change: Query: repo filter is called REPONAME now, now just REPO. - python: isinstance check for hawkey.Package fails for package objects. - Simplification of archive script (tmlcoch) - API change: hy_repo_create() now takes the repo name as a parameter. - API change: Use Selector for what used to be "Query installs". - py: use general keyword arguments to Goal.install() etc. to construct a Selector. - goal: improve error reporting when Goal failed/was not executed. - selectors: glob matching the package name. * Fri Oct 05 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.12-2.git7fa7aa9 - fix sigsegv in query.c:filter_sourcerpm(). - doc: move the hawkey reference to man section 3. - query: filter by description or URL. - fix: FOR_PACKAGELIST(pkg,list,i) offsets the 'i' by one. - Query: hy_query_filter_package_in() limits filtering to an arbitrary set of pkgs. - Query: filtering by epoch. - py: Query: make sure filterm() clears the result cache. - py: fix: memory leaks with PySequence_GetItem(). * Sat Sep 22 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.11-4.git687ceab - py: hawkey.test should not depend on * Fri Sep 21 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.11-1.git545a461 - py: Goal.run_all() returns True if a solution was found. (RhBug: 856615) - py: accepts callback parameter too. (RhBug: 856615) - query: filtering by version and release. (RhBug: 856612) - Flag an error if Sack is created with an invalid arch. (RhBug: 857944) - fix hy_get_sourcerpm() when the package has no sourcerpm. (RhBug: 858207) - Query: filter by source rpm. (RhBug: 857941) - Run 'make check' when building the RPM. * Mon Sep 10 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.10-2.gita198dea - Fix build that now needs python-sphinx. * Thu Aug 30 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.10-1.gita198dea - Query cloning. - Query: full version filtery is supported now. - py: query.filter() now returns a cloned Query. - py: len(query) and bool(query) now work as expected. * Thu Aug 23 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.9-2.gitefeb04c - Add manpage. * Thu Aug 23 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.9-1.git8599c55 - Finding all solutions in Goal. - hy_goal_reason() no longer depends on Fedora-specific hacks in libsolv. - hy_package_get_sourcerpm() * Mon Aug 06 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.8-1.gite6734fb - repo loading API changed, hy_sack_load_yum_repo() now accepts flags to build cache, load filelists, etc. - fixed 843487: hawkey query.filter() ends with assertion. * Tue Jul 24 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.7-1.git41b39ba - Package description, license, url support. - python: Unicode fixes in Query. * Thu Jul 19 2012 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.2.6-3.gitea88ad5 - Rebuilt for * Mon Jul 16 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.6-2.gitea88ad5 - HY_CLEAN_DEPS support. * Mon Jul 16 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.6-1.git76a5b8c - Use libsolv-0.0.0-13. - hy_goal_get_reason(). * Sun Jul 01 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.5-1.git042738b - Use libsolv-0.0.0-12. - Added hy_package_get_hdr_checkum(). * Mon Jun 25 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.4-8.git04ecf00 - More package review issues. * Fri Jun 22 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.4-7.git04ecf00 - More package review issues. * Wed Jun 20 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.4-6.git04ecf00 - Prevent requires in the hawkey.test .so. * Tue Jun 19 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.4-5.git04ecf00 - Fix rpmlint issues. * Wed Jun 13 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.4-4.git04ecf00{?dist} - Downgrades. * Fri Jun 08 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.4-2.git1f198aa{?dist} - Handling presto metadata. * Wed May 16 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.3-1.git6083b79{?dist} - Support libsolv's SOLVER_FLAGS_ALLOW_UNINSTALL. * Mon May 14 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.2-1.git46bc9ec{?dist} - Api cleanups. * Fri May 04 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.1-1.gita59de8c0{?dist} - Goal.update() takes flags to skip checking a pkg is installed. * Tue Apr 24 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.0-4.gita7fafb2.fc21 - hy_query_filter_in() - Better unit test support. * Thu Apr 12 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.1-6.git0e6805c.fc21 - Initial package.