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Package Namednf
SummaryPackage manager forked from Yum, using libsolv as a dependency resolver
DescriptionPackage manager forked from Yum, using libsolv as a dependency resolver.
Built byakozumpl
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive00
StartedThu, 21 Nov 2013 15:39:58 UTC
CompletedThu, 21 Nov 2013 15:46:20 UTC
Taskbuild (f20-candidate, /dnf:5327059a83d5211dcefd70c2af6401833fb9e3f4)
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Changelog * Thu Nov 21 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.8-1 - doc: api: add DeprecationWarning. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: Base.run_with_package_names. (Ales Kozumplik) - history: do not traceback if a regular user tries to look into the history DB. (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: do not print the command name when concluding a history command. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: StartupConf is no longer needed. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: api: reading configuration from filesystem. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: move Base.read_conf_file to Cli. (Ales Kozumplik) - config: do away with the two-phase parsing. (Ales Kozumplik) - removed shelve support in (Jan Silhan) - removed per_arch_dict function from (Jan Silhan) - removed _construct_result function from (Jan Silhan) - removed latest_per_arch function from (Jan Silhan) - Fix output when downgrading not installed package (RhBug:1030980) (Radek Holy) - remove: Conf.uid, Conf.progress_obj. (Ales Kozumplik) - Handle remote URLs. (RhBug:1030297) (Zdenek Pavlas) - runTransaction(): clean_used_packages() should run after verify_transaction() (Zdenek Pavlas) - remove: dnf.yum.misc.re_remote_url() (Zdenek Pavlas) - remove: Base.localPackages (Zdenek Pavlas) - remove: Base._cleanup (Zdenek Pavlas) - doc: api: document dnf.transaction.Transaction. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: installs globbing for a file without a slash at the start. (RhBug:1030998) (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: api: document the dnf.subject.Subject API. (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: Base.group_lists -> Base._group_lists. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: also display available environment groups. (RhBug:1029948) (Ales Kozumplik) - removed PycompDict (Jan Silhan) - doc: api: document Query. (Ales Kozumplik) - No fastestmirror "status" message if detection didn't run. (Zdenek Pavlas) - Add the "determining the fastest mirror" progress code. (Zdenek Pavlas) - rename: queries.Query -> query.Query. queries.Subject -> subject.Subject. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: initializing a Repo. (Ales Kozumplik) - setup deprecation warnings. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: do not rely on CliCache (dnf.conf.Cache previously) outside of Cli. (Ales Kozumplik) - spec file now generates dnf and dnf-python3 packages (Jan Silhan) - fixed py3 error when called next method (Jan Silhan) * Fri Nov 08 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.7-1 - doc: api: Conf.installonly_limit. (Ales Kozumplik) - INSTALLONLYPKGS cleanup, add installonlypkg(kernel) (Zdenek Pavlas) - doc: foundations of the API documentation. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: disable html_static_path. (Ales Kozumplik) - Officially call dnf.yum.config.YumConfig just dnf.conf.Conf. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: delete the obsoleted API docs (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: Comps.*iter methods are not properties. (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: Base.build_transaction() -> Base.resolve() (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: Base.activate_sack() -> Base.fill_sack(). (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: config.upgrade_requirements_on_install. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: config.group_package_types. (Ales Kozumplik) - INSTALLONLYPKGS: fix a typo (Zdenek Pavlas) - removed updates_by_name function from (Jan Silhan) - removed downgrades_by_name function from (Jan Silhan) - removed latest_available_per_arch function from (Jan Silhan) - removed latest_installed_per_arch function from (Jan Silhan) - removed by_file function from (Jan Silhan) - removed installed_exact function from (Jan Silhan) - removed by_repo function from (Jan Silhan) - removed by_name function from (Jan Silhan) - adapting for hawkey behaviour of latest filter option in Query (Jan Silhan) - don't convert unicode to str and back. (RhBug:1025650) (Zdenek Pavlas) - build: require librepo-1.3.0 (Ales Kozumplik) - Subject.get_best_query() uses glob matching for versions (RhBug:1019170) (Ales Kozumplik) - build: require more recent libcomps and librepo. (Ales Kozumplik) * Wed Oct 30 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.6-1 - doc: add documentation for the installonly options. (Ales Kozumplik) - Add history-undo-specific transaction check error output. (Radek Holy) - Move transaction check error output into commands. (Radek Holy) - Enable the "history undo" command. (Radek Holy) - Fix TypeError raised when Base.history_undo called with a nonempty transaction (RhBug:878348) (Radek Holy) - Add iterators exhaustion testing function. (Radek Holy) - Generalize the PackageMatcher to an ObjectMatcher. (Radek Holy) - Support querying the last transaction ID in the history. (Radek Holy) - refactor: Extract transaction IDs/offsets conversion to a standalone method. (Radek Holy) - Create a YumHistory wrapper. (Radek Holy) - Add iterables splitting function. (Radek Holy) - Support skipping the depsolve stage. (Radek Holy) - store the expired repos. (Ales Kozumplik) - update the installonlies list. (Ales Kozumplik) - installonly packages: enable enforcing the limit (RhBug:880524) (Ales Kozumplik) - downloader: use LRO_FASTESTMIRRORCACHE (Zdenek Pavlas) - downloader: enable failfast (Zdenek Pavlas) - removed available_by_name function from dnf.queries (Jan Silhan) - removed available_by_nevra function from dnf.queries (Jan Silhan) - removed installed_by_nevra function from dnf.queries, added nevra Query method (Jan Silhan) - removed installed_by_name function from dnf.queries (Jan Silhan) - removed installed function from dnf.queries (Jan Silhan) - fixed GPG key retrieval error (Jan Silhan) - added to_ord function to (Jan Silhan) - refactor: Remove unused parameter from CliTransactionDisplay.scriptout. (Radek Holy) - Fix return of Reinstalled history state by TransactionItem.history_iterator. (Radek Holy) - Move the _history_get_transaction to the BaseCli. (Radek Holy) - cli: Output.history and Output.yumdb. (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: do not register command instances, register command classes. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: cli: command.getNames() is now command.aliases. (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: do not display 'Setting up ... Process'. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: traceback in 'dnf group summary' (RhBug:1019957) (Ales Kozumplik) - commands: recognize one-word group commands (e.g. 'grouplist') (RhBug:1020101) (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: fix GroupOutputTest. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: traceback 'dnf -v group list Group'. (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: add Command.canonical(). (Ales Kozumplik) - comps: adapt to the latest libcomps that correctly throws KeyError in dict[]. (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: cosmetic: remove two extra newlines before 'Dependencies resolved.' (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: use of weakref.proxy. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove extra member variable assignment in Base._goal2transaction(). (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: rename: FakeTerm->MockTerminal. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: fixed broken test_installPkgs_notfound(). (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: split Output and Base objects in CLI. (Ales Kozumplik) - full Python 3 support added (Jan Silhan) - expired repos are saved in json instead of shelve (Jan Silhan) - fixed shadowing of variable (Jan Silhan) - removed needless flush from (Jan Silhan) - repo.metalink_data is gone (RhBug:1020934) (Zdenek Pavlas) - tests: rename MockYumBase to MockBase. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: Base.build_transaction() so we can unit test its core. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: test some obsoletes. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: missing newline breaking format. (Ales Kozumplik) * Sun Oct 20 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.5-1 - Fix tracebacks during downloads of obsoleting transactions. (RhBug:1021087) (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: missing config file shouldn't cause a LibrepoExeption-triggered traceback. (Ales Kozumplik) - py3: don't want float results here (Zdenek Pavlas) - remove: repo.urlgrabber_opts() (Zdenek Pavlas) - Add repo.get_handle() returning a cached librepo handle (Zdenek Pavlas) - enhancement: LRO_FASTESTMIRROR (Zdenek Pavlas) - enhancement: use proxy settings (Zdenek Pavlas) - refactor: _handle_new_remote(), _handle_new_pkg_download() (Zdenek Pavlas) - Don't confuse users when file already exists (Zdenek Pavlas) - rename: YumBaseCli -> BaseCli. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: Output.printtime and Output.simpleProgressBar. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: call YumOutput just Output. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: move dnf.yum.base.Base to dnf.base.Base (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon Oct 14 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.4-1 - fix: missing config file shouldn't cause a LibrepoExeption-triggered traceback. (Ales Kozumplik) - basic python 3 support added. (Jan Silhan) - input function in dnf.i18n renamed to ucd_input to avoid conflicts with buildin function (Jan Silhan) - Improve error reporting in hdrFromPackage() (Ales Kozumplik) - Resetting base.goal. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: install does not report file conflicts (RhBug:1017278) (Ales Kozumplik) - Base.download_packages() must not assume self.progress exists. (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon Oct 07 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.3-2 - remove: dnf.yum.rpmsack.RPMDBProblem*. (Ales Kozumplik) - Update some old-style classes. (Ales Kozumplik) - support 'dnf group remove' (RhBug:1013764) (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: Base._limit_installonly_pkgs(). (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: latest libcomps version has a GroupID objects for env.option_ids. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: 'group info'. (RhBug:1013773) (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: add support for 'dnf group info' (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: add a group that reflects our other testing packages. (Ales Kozumplik) - packaging: require GTE versions of dependencies. (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: trailing whitespace (Ales Kozumplik) - Fix error handling in Base.install and YumBaseCli.installPkgs. (Radek Holy) - Fix error handling in Base.remove and YumBaseCli.erasePkgs. (Radek Holy) - Fix error handling in Base.update and YumBaseCli.updatePkgs. (Radek Holy) - Fix error handling in Base.downgrade and YumBaseCli.downgradePkgs. (Radek Holy) - tests: reenable the repo cost testing again. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: cleanups in (Ales Kozumplik) * Tue Oct 01 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.2-1.gitc1716d7 - always enable LRO_FASTESTMIRROR (Zdenek Pavlas) - progress: add "err" argument to end() callback, merge with failure() (Zdenek Pavlas) - progress: reformat and reword docstrings (Zdenek Pavlas) - config: extract prepend_installroot() to a public method. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: Rename exceptions raised by Base.reinstall. (Radek Holy) - Fix error handling in YumBaseCli.reinstallPkgs. (Radek Holy) - Fix error handling in Base.reinstall. (Radek Holy) - refactor: Adapt Base.reinstall to require the same parameters as similar methods. (Radek Holy) - refactor: Adapt Base.update to require same parameters as similar methods. (Radek Holy) - add "size" arg to cb.end and cb.failure callbacks (Zdenek Pavlas) - progress display: handle 100% case better (Zdenek Pavlas) - progress display: sanitize negative size deltas (Zdenek Pavlas) - support librepo.PackageTarget(endcb=...) (Zdenek Pavlas) - remove: Requires urlgrabber (Zdenek Pavlas) - remove: base.verifyPkg(), base.verifyChecksum() (Zdenek Pavlas) - remove: urlgrabber.grabber.default_grabber.opts.user_agent (Zdenek Pavlas) - remove: set_failure_callback() (Zdenek Pavlas) - update AUTHORS (Ales Kozumplik) - added assignment of cost option to hawkey repo object (Jan Silhan) - created new private method _get_installed from code in assertResult (Jan Silhan) - use librepo.download_packages() (Zdenek Pavlas) - make repo._local_origin public, as repo.local (Zdenek Pavlas) - unit tests: dnf.cli.progress (Zdenek Pavlas) - add dnf.cli.progress (Zdenek Pavlas) - drop per-repo interrupt callback (Zdenek Pavlas) - unit tests: dnf.cli.format (Zdenek Pavlas) - move format_number, format_time to dnf.cli.format (Zdenek Pavlas) - Fix downgrade inaction if package version provided. (Radek Holy) * Mon Sep 16 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.1-1.git55e6369 - logging: do not show 'Downloading packages:' on remove. (RhBug:1008444) (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: couple of config options (kernelpkgnames, exactarch, rpm_check_debug). (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: dnf.yum.config.mirrorlist_expire, it's unused. (Ales Kozumplik) - The Fedora .repo files no longer use mirrorlist= for metalink. (Ales Kozumplik) - leaner .gitignore. (Ales Kozumplik) - Add Base.reset(). (Ales Kozumplik) - reimplement urlopen() on top of librepo (Zdenek Pavlas) - Add '--nocrypto' tsflag config value. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: TransactionDisplay.errorlog() logs to stderr. (Ales Kozumplik) - Until urlbrabber is gone completely, the urlgrabber.progress must stay. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove all users of urlgrabber.progress.TerminalLine() (Zdenek Pavlas) - remove all users of urlgrabber.progress.format_time() (Zdenek Pavlas) - remove all users of urlgrabber.progress.format_number() (Zdenek Pavlas) - remove all users of urlgrabber.progress.terminal_width_cached() (Zdenek Pavlas) - remove all users of urlgrabber.grabber.default_grabber (Zdenek Pavlas) - makecache: do not run makecache on the LiveCD. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: what to do on failing %preun. (Ales Kozumplik) - Fix TypeError raised when _enc called with None (RhBug:1003220) (Radek Holy) * Fri Aug 30 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.0-1.gitbfccb5c - Adapt to librepo-1.0.0, handle.url is handle.urls now. (Ales Kozumplik) - comps: adapt to changes in libcomps handling of env.group_ids. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: start and stop of the actual RPM transaction. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: nicer logging during transaction. (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: use all mirrors/baseurls when downloading a package. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: log failed checksum check in verifyLocalPkg() (Ales Kozumplik) - strings: fix suggestion to clean metadata to use 'dnf' (RhBug:997403) (Ales Kozumplik) - compos: add group.visible property. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: comps.environment.group_ids and environment.option.ids. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: log when Repo.load() is about to download from remote. (Ales Kozumplik) - Librepo API changes (Zdenek Pavlas) - packaging: add libcomps to requires before somebody tries to build this without. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: traceback after a merge error, missing comps import. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: Repo.base_persistdir. (Ales Kozumplik) - YumConf: make config_file_age always defined. (Ales Kozumplik) - make what Base.build_transaction() returns and raises more sane. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: dnf.yum.rpmtrans._WrapNoExceptions (Ales Kozumplik) - transaction displays: report when the TRANS_POST phase starts. (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: RPM transaction callback hierarchy has now a common name: TransactionDisplay. (Ales Kozumplik) - Stop the transaction callback's event() accepting both string and id for the action. (Ales Kozumplik) - Drastically slim down dnf.rpmUtils.arch (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: rename: transaction callbacks in (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: dnf.cli.output.CacheProgressCallback. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: Config.cache. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging tweaks. (Ales Kozumplik) - api: let Base.select_group() take pkg_types. (Ales Kozumplik) - getter/setter for config.releasever (it is part of the yumvar). (Ales Kozumplik) - better streamline how conf.yumvar is created and initialized. (Ales Kozumplik) - add default depsloving callback. (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: base.dsCallback -> base.ds_callback (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: DepSolveProgressCallback.pkgAdded()->DepSolveProgressCallback.pkg_added() (Ales Kozumplik) - comps: *_by_pattern counterparts to *_by_patterns. (Ales Kozumplik) - comps: better environments and categories support. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: basic environemnt parsing works in libcomps now. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: there's no dnf.yum.comps any more. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: group commands. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: dnf.yum.comps. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: GroupsError and CompsException are now both CompsError (Ales Kozumplik) - comps: rename: group.langonly -> group.lang_only. (Ales Kozumplik) - comps: implement Group.ui_name (Ales Kozumplik) - comps: adapt Base.group_lists() to the new comps interface. (Ales Kozumplik) - libcomps: rename: comps.returnGroups()->comps.groups_by_pattern(). (Ales Kozumplik) - libcomps: support Base.select_groups() through the new comps. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: sort tests in LibcompsTest better. (Ales Kozumplik) - libcomps: add Comps.groups_by_pattern(). (Ales Kozumplik) - libcomps: measuring the size of the comps objects. (Ales Kozumplik) - drop 'overwrite_groups' config option. (Ales Kozumplik) - libcomps: tests: add sanity test for GH issue 12. (Ales Kozumplik) - libcomps: add conditional packages. (Ales Kozumplik) - libcomps: add dnf.comps (wrapper) and a basic UT. (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: reorder the imports in and to match the Hacking guidelines[1] (Ales Kozumplik) * Tue Aug 13 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.11-1.git7d717c7 - fix: UnicodeDecodeError during group install (RhBug:996138) (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: update the README, move it to .rst (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: dnf.conf.8 missing from the RPM. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: TODO file (Ales Kozumplik) - output: in list_transaction() list the active transaction members. (RhBug:977753) (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: Output.listTransaction() -> list_transaction(). (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: 'best' config option. (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: do not let librepo resolve mirrorlists on each package download. (RhBug:979042) (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: mdpolicy and mddownloadpolicy from config. (Ales Kozumplik) - The DNF default multilib policy is 'best'. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: typo in subj.get_best_query() call. (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon Jul 22 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.10-1.giteb9dddb - repos: skip_if_unavailable is True by default now. (RhBug:984483) (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: omitted from 6f70d2b, also mention the related bugzillas. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: why 'dnf provides /bin/python' fails on Fedora. (Ales Kozumplik) * Thu Jul 04 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.9-1.giteff4c49 - fix: errors handling messages in do_transaction(). (RhBug:981310) (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: typo in 2b4c085 (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: unhandled OSError exceptions if MD was renewed during transaction (RhBug:980227) (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: traceback expiring no longer valid repos. (RhBug:979942) (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: traceback: accessing base.history from download_packages(). (Ales Kozumplik) - api: Base.build_repo factory method. (Ales Kozumplik) - python3: absolute imports in cli.main (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: KeyboardInterrupt handling in cli.main. (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: pass substituting variables down into librepo's Handle. (RhBug:964584) (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon Jun 24 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.8-1.git85524ae - fix: tracebacks when installing to an empty installroot (RhBug:975858) (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: 'dnf erase kernel' erases all the kernels. (Ales Kozumplik) - i18n: even if we have a legit encoding, don't assume it covers the entire UCD (RhBug:976652) (Ales Kozumplik) - stray self._filelists in Sack. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: traceback on check-update when there's a repo without any source. (RhBug:974866) (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: missing os import in (RhBug:974427) (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: traceback for a regular user when /var/lib/dnf/uuid is not world-readable. (Ales Kozumplik) - put user locks in /run/user/$UID/dnf. (Ales Kozumplik) - Minimally teach dnf about rpm rpm >= 4.10 scriptlet start and stop callbacks (Panu Matilainen) - remove: unnecessary testing for prehistoric rpm versions in callback (Panu Matilainen) - remove: unused rpmtrans internal _dopkgtup() helper (Panu Matilainen) - remove: unused rpm repackaging support remnants (Panu Matilainen) - locking: as an example introduce rpmdb_lock and metadata_cache_lock. (Ales Kozumplik) - locking: remove the old global locking code. (Ales Kozumplik) - locking: implement and test ProcessLock class. (Ales Kozumplik) - Add base_url arg to (RhBug:968159) (Zdenek Pavlas) - remove: unused miscutils.compareVerOnly() (Panu Matilainen) - remove: unused miscutils.stringToVersion() and .flagToString() (Panu Matilainen) - remove: unused string_to_prco_tuple() and imports used only by it (Panu Matilainen) - remove: unused miscutils.rpmOutToStr() (Panu Matilainen) - remove: miscutils.formatRequire() (Panu Matilainen) - remove: miscutils.rangeCompare() and rangeCheck() (Panu Matilainen) - remove: miscutils.pkgTupleFromHeader() (Panu Matilainen) - remove: rpmUtils.TransactionWrapper.returnLeafNodes() method (Panu Matilainen) - doc: what 'list recent' does. (Ales Kozumplik) - Resurrect "list recent" functionality (RhBug:908491) (Panu Matilainen) - doc: add bug summaries to the release notes. (Ales Kozumplik) * Wed May 29 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.7-1.gitf8bdc98 - ensure the cachedir in Persistor._expired_repos(). (RhBug:967732) (Ales Kozumplik) - do not load available repositories into the sack for the erase command. (RhBug:916662) (Ales Kozumplik) - Take out the bulk of YumBaseCli.doTransaction() and put in in Base.do_transaction(). (Ales Kozumplik) - add noop NoOutputCallback.verify_tsi_package(). (Ales Kozumplik) - implement dnf.repo.Repo.__repr__(). (Ales Kozumplik) - output: show the RPMDB alternation warning on debug level only. (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon May 27 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.6-1.git24ce938 - make the dnf.Base object a context manager. (Ales Kozumplik) - de-support YUMPDB, not used. (Ales Kozumplik) - persistent data about repositories should be in cachedir. (Ales Kozumplik) - YumRPMTransError: use sensible e.value (RhBug:966372) (Zdenek Pavlas) - store and use information about forced repo expiry (RhBug:965410) (Ales Kozumplik) - update LibrepoCallbackAdaptor. (RhBug:963627) (Zdenek Pavlas) - repo: do not try to download or erase packages from a local repo. (RhBug:965114) (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: weaken the assertion in test_toplevel(). (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: traceback on 'dnf group install i-dont-exist'. (RhBug:964467) (Ales Kozumplik) - Handle exceptions in Repo.get_package. (RhBug:963680) (Ales Kozumplik) - subject parsing: inform the user if given spec matches no package on install. (RhBug:963133) (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: setup provisional logging even before config. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: dnf.logging, put the setup() methods inside a new class, Logging. (Ales Kozumplik) - provides command: there's no reason to output so many empty lines between matches. (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon May 13 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.5-1.git85c924f - recognize 'dnf list upgrades' as an 'dnf list updates' alias. (Ales Kozumplik) - transaction: add reinstall as a special action. (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: Base.buildTransaction() -> build_transaction() (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: dnf.yum.output.pkgname_ui() et al. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: dnf/yum/ (Ales Kozumplik) - transaction: migrate remaining legit uses of tsInfo before it's purged. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: SimpleCliCallBack, _getTxmbr from slimming it down. (Ales Kozumplik) - transactions: fix post_transaction_output(). (Ales Kozumplik) - transaction: make history work again. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: Base.populate_ts() is now Transaction.populate_rpm_ts(). (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: verify_pkg() -> verify_tsi_package(). (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: verifyTransaction() -> verify_transaction() (Ales Kozumplik) - transactions: reenable transaction verification. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: dnf/cli/, dnf/yum/ (Ales Kozumplik) - populate_ts: handle obsoleting installs. (Ales Kozumplik) - transaction: bring into a shape where transactions can be tested. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: adapt unit tests to dnf.transaction scheme of things. (Ales Kozumplik) - transaction: migrate YumBaseCli.doTransaction() to dnf.transaction. (Ales Kozumplik) - transaction: migrate YumOutput.list_transaction() to dnf.transaction. (Ales Kozumplik) - transaction: rewrite Base.populate_ts() to use dnf.transaction. (Ales Kozumplik) - transaction: use dnf.transaction instead of dnf.yum.transactioninfo in buildTransaction(). (Ales Kozumplik) - add dnf.util.group_by_filter() (Ales Kozumplik) - transaction: foundations of dnf.Transaction and a test. (Ales Kozumplik) - transactions: do not use TransactionData to store the packaging requests. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: rename: -> (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: handle reviving exceptions like any other librepo exception. (RhBug:961549) (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: fix spellings of the distro-sync command. (RhBug:959990) (Ales Kozumplik) * Thu May 02 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.4-1.git03fd687 - tests: python3 absolute imports. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: rename: tests/ -> tests/ (Ales Kozumplik) - hawkey commit 8d77592 simplifies detecting obsoleted transaction members. (Ales Kozumplik) - adapt to hawkey change fe99cd4. (Ales Kozumplik) - adapt to hawkey changes f8334df and 0fee231 (Goal.obsoleted_by_package et al.) (Ales Kozumplik) - cli, transaction: recognize and report proper obsoletes. (RhBug:887317) (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: get_best_query() and get_best_selector() both accept 'forms' now. (Ales Kozumplik) - comps: support 'dnf group install'. (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: integrate API improvements in librepo. (Ales Kozumplik) - comps: start readding group commands, 'dnf groups summary' works now. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix invisible 'repolist -v' output. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: main() methods from the production code. (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: remove trailing whitespace in dnf/yum/ (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: do not create repos/gen. (Ales Kozumplik) - comps: fix up Base.read_comps() and Comps.compile() so the comps loading works. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: cosmetics: alphabetically reorder FakeConf items. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: protected_packages not supported. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: add sanity test for dnf.yum.comps (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: with timed makecache only try one mirror per repo. (RhBug:922667) (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: latest librepo needs explicit perform() to get the metalink. (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: clean mirrorlist files too on 'dnf clean'. (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: with librepo >= 88c90e3 the "baseurl is the first mirror" hack is gone. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: some unused arch-related methods from dnf.yum.base (Ales Kozumplik) - fix typo in the spec. (Ales Kozumplik) * Wed Apr 17 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.3-3.git91ba5e0 - packaging: do not run 'systemctl' to enable the timer service manually. (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: trailing whitespace in dnf/cli/ (Ales Kozumplik) - UI: call updates upgrades. (RhBug:903775) (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: the logging setup. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: in logfiles, mark the start of the logging session. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: replace setup_from_dnf_levels with a helpers that takes the conf object. (Ales Kozumplik) - put the name of the loglevel into the logfiles (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: do not do logging.basicConfig() from CLI. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: dnf.const.LOG_TRANSACTION no longer needed. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: fix documentation build. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: dnf.yum.logginglevels (Ales Kozumplik) - finally, setup logging via the new module. (Ales Kozumplik) - Migrate the remaining DEBUG_3 and DEBUG_4 levels. (Ales Kozumplik) - semi-automatically migrate the old logging levels to the new ones. (Ales Kozumplik) - Fix how checking whether the CLI is verbose is done. (Ales Kozumplik) - Use the new DNF loggers instead of the old ones. (Ales Kozumplik) - add the logger for rpm transactions. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: unified stdout/stderr patching. (Ales Kozumplik) - implement dnf.logging module (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: add absolute imports some places so I can have dnf.logging module. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix traceback with 'dnf history info <number>'. (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: trailing whitespace in (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: use print() the python3 function-style. (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: dnf.exceptions.YumBaseError to dnf.exceptions.Error. (Ales Kozumplik) - move: dnf.yum.Errors to dnf.exceptions. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove deprecation exceptions and warnings. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: dnf/yum/ (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: unused exception classes. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: dnf/yum/ (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon Apr 08 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.2-1.gitf3818b4 - remove: dnf.yum.failover. (Ales Kozumplik) - 'reviving' repositories using checksum information from metalink. (Ales Kozumplik) - dnf.util.touch() accepts 'no_create' parameter now. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: repo: move checking of existing metadata from _try_cache() to load(). (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: put Repo.load() at the correct place in the class. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: call repo._Result what it really is: Metadata. (Ales Kozumplik) - 'repolist -v' shows the mirrorlists now. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: specify debug_solver in FakeConf too. (Ales Kozumplik) - debugging: add '--debugsolver' CLI switch. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: the excludes behavior (RhBug:947258) (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: fix failing documentation build after dnf.yum.metalink is gone. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix configuration of per-repo excludes. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: repo handle: test the useragent string. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: dnf.yum.metalink. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: ResolveDepCommand. (Ales Kozumplik) - support repo.skip_if_unavailable config option. (RhBug:889202) (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: base.sack is no longer a lazy attribute. (Ales Kozumplik) - nicer error reporting in (Ales Kozumplik) - Enable 'interruptible' for librepo operations. (Ales Kozumplik) - set user agent for librepo communication too. (RhBug:923384) (Ales Kozumplik) - fix superfluous 'None' in the error output. (Ales Kozumplik) - don't be pompous about the newlines in error messages. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix traceback with --enablerepo=<repo> and an unknown repo <repo>. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: journald was getting the wrong idea about the program name. (Ales Kozumplik) - debugging: output the package metadata on '--debugrepodata'. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix traceback in UpgradeToCommand.doCheck(). (Ales Kozumplik) - also start the dnf-makecache.timer on installation. (Ales Kozumplik) * Thu Mar 28 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.1-3.git7b1d503 - makecache: no on_ac_power binary means we should go ahead anyway. (Ales Kozumplik) - packaging: run systemd scriptlets so the timer service can be enabled by default. (Ales Kozumplik) - :doc release notes - the metadata_expire default has changed. (Ales Kozumplik) - :doc start making release notes. (Ales Kozumplik) - abrt: change the event to post-create so journalctl works (post-create runs under root) (Ales Kozumplik) - :doc clean_requiremennts_on_remove on by default. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: put a log file marker on each run, nicer 'Ext Commands' output. (Ales Kozumplik) - :doc explain how timed metadata syncing can be tweaked and disabled. (Ales Kozumplik) - Do not execute the timer makecache when running on a battery. (RhBug:919769) (Ales Kozumplik) - :doc create dnf.config, describe 'metadata_timer_sync'. (Ales Kozumplik) - config defaults: timer makecache every 3 hours, bump default md expiry to 48 hours. (RhBug:892064) (Ales Kozumplik) - mechanism for disabling or changing the period of automatic metadata syncing. (RhBug:922664) (Ales Kozumplik) - run the regular makecache from a systemd timer (RhBug:878826) (Ales Kozumplik) - stop using the obsoleted repo.cache property (RhBug:926871) (Ales Kozumplik) - userconfirm() mustn't fail on EOFError. (RhBug:922521) (Ales Kozumplik) - :doc document --nogpgcheck and --releasever. (Ales Kozumplik) - :doc remove yum.repos and yum.yumRepo from the obsoleted API documentation. (Ales Kozumplik) - :doc sort CLI options alphabetically. (Ales Kozumplik) - Downgrade only once if multiple old versions are available. (RhBug:921294) (Ales Kozumplik) - :refactor, improve base.ts management, use properties. (Ales Kozumplik) - Filter rpm.RPMPROB_FILTER_OLDPACKAGE for all transactions whatsover (RhBug:916657) (Ales Kozumplik) - :tests :move -> (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: finally drop yum/ and yum/ (Ales Kozumplik) * Thu Mar 21 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.0-2.git3e52d13 - repo: use shutil.move instead of os.rename (Ales Kozumplik) * Wed Mar 20 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.3.0-1.git4c0def8 - create the cache dir ourselves. (Ales Kozumplik) - have a user_agent const. (Ales Kozumplik) - update readme with librepo link, tidy up. (Ales Kozumplik) - librepo: add interface for inspecting metadata in more detail. (Ales Kozumplik) - librepo: use a context manager for the temp dir. (Ales Kozumplik) - librepo: support --cacheonly again. (Ales Kozumplik) - librepo: add repo.dump() and test it using ConfigParser and StringIO. (Ales Kozumplik) - Make --nogpgcheck work as expected again. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix installation of gpg keys for RPM package verification. (Ales Kozumplik) - librepo: the latest librepo version has somewhat nicer python bindings. (Ales Kozumplik) - librepo: do not clear the packages/ when syncing new MD. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: add testing of Repo.get_package(). (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: move rpms and the yum repo to the same folder. (Ales Kozumplik) - librepo: refactor dnf.repo.Repo. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: bring dnf.repo.Repo under unit test. (Ales Kozumplik) - librepo: force expiring metadata, making 'dnf makecache' work again. (Ales Kozumplik) - librepo: downloading packages works again. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix bug in LibrepoCallbackAdaptor causing the progreess bar go nuts on 2nd repo. (Ales Kozumplik) - repo.gpgcheck does not mean repo.repo_gpgcheck. (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: better error reporting in sync() (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: make test_configure_repos() pass again. (Ales Kozumplik) - delete YumTextMeter. (Ales Kozumplik) - librepo: make the text progress bar work again. (Ales Kozumplik) - Finally: download repos through librepo. (Ales Kozumplik) - Cli._configure_repos() uses get_multiple(). (Ales Kozumplik) - base.repos is now a dict itself. (Ales Kozumplik) - dnf.repo.Repo: add dummy callback setters. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: RepoDict allows simplifying MockYumBase. (Ales Kozumplik) - librepo: use the new Repo and RepoDict. (Ales Kozumplik) - add dnf.util.empty(). (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: base.add_enable_repo. (Ales Kozumplik) - move yum.Base to yum.base.Base. (Ales Kozumplik) - strip things out of dnf/yum/ (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: _YumCostExclude, unused. (Ales Kozumplik) - removing: trim down dnf.yum.packages. (Ales Kozumplik) - removal: pruning imports in dnf.yum.__init__ (Ales Kozumplik) - Repo and RepoDict. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: suite hawkey change 54f4f0f introducing make_cache_dir Sack() parameter. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: document clean_requirements_on_remove is on by default. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove yum references from the default dnf.conf (RhBug:919714) (Ales Kozumplik) - New build: 0.2.22-1 (Ales Kozumplik) - New version: dnf-0.2.22 (Ales Kozumplik) - move is_glob_pattern() to dnf.util (Ales Kozumplik) - validate parameter never used in Base.read_repos() (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: refactor: getReposFromConf*() -> read_*_repos() (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: introduce Cli.command property. (Ales Kozumplik) - repos: get rid of Base.prerepoconf. (Ales Kozumplik) - repos: simplify how repos are set up. (Ales Kozumplik) - always use iniparse, do not fallback to ConfigParser. (Ales Kozumplik) - 'dnf repolist' is silent. (Ales Kozumplik) - enabling/disabling repos doesn't respect the cmdline order. (RhBug:913143) (Ales Kozumplik) - install by filenames and globbed filenames (RhBug:912130) (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: man page: better describe the input patterns. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: test_installroot_with_etc() broken on other machines. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix globbing installs again. (Ales Kozumplik) - 'dnf list' shouldn't look for provides. (Ales Kozumplik) - pass installroot to the sack. (RhBug:RhBug) (Ales Kozumplik) - fix traceback in Cli.configure() with --installroot (Ales Kozumplik) - at least do not traceback if history undo doesn't work. (Ales Kozumplik) - adapt to new interface hawkey.Subject interface (34bae0c) (Ales Kozumplik) - search: try to make the better matches come on top. (Ales Kozumplik) - search: perform the search case-insensitive. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: bring the method under the test. (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: when reverting repomd.xml make sure we reset its srcfile (RhBug:904706) (Ales Kozumplik) * Fri Mar 01 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.22-1.git97180b8 - move is_glob_pattern() to dnf.util (Ales Kozumplik) - validate parameter never used in Base.read_repos() (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: refactor: getReposFromConf*() -> read_*_repos() (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: introduce Cli.command property. (Ales Kozumplik) - repos: get rid of Base.prerepoconf. (Ales Kozumplik) - repos: simplify how repos are set up. (Ales Kozumplik) - always use iniparse, do not fallback to ConfigParser. (Ales Kozumplik) - 'dnf repolist' is silent. (Ales Kozumplik) - enabling/disabling repos doesn't respect the cmdline order. (RhBug:913143) (Ales Kozumplik) - install by filenames and globbed filenames (RhBug:912130) (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: man page: better describe the input patterns. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: test_installroot_with_etc() broken on other machines. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix globbing installs again. (Ales Kozumplik) - 'dnf list' shouldn't look for provides. (Ales Kozumplik) - pass installroot to the sack. (RhBug:915048) (Ales Kozumplik) - fix traceback in Cli.configure() with --installroot (Ales Kozumplik) - at least do not traceback if history undo doesn't work. (Ales Kozumplik) - adapt to new interface hawkey.Subject interface (34bae0c) (Ales Kozumplik) - search: try to make the better matches come on top. (Ales Kozumplik) - search: perform the search case-insensitive. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: bring the method under the test. (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: when reverting repomd.xml make sure we reset its srcfile (RhBug:904706) (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon Feb 11 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.21-1.git050524e - Selector.get_best_selector() should be able to handle simple version (not just EVR). (Ales Kozumplik) - remove YumUtilBase(). (Ales Kozumplik) - Do not check for unfinished transactions in Base.buildTransaction() (RhBug:902810) (Ales Kozumplik) - list command accepts NEVRA combinations as arguments. (RhBug:901833) (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: fix Cli.configure() test to pass without the main system conffile present. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: test toplevel from test_sanity. (Ales Kozumplik) - case-insensitive matching in Subject. (Ales Kozumplik) * Wed Jan 30 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.20-2.gite7d9c11 - cosmetic: trailing whitespace in dnf.yum.callbacks (Ales Kozumplik) - rename 'YumBase' to 'Base'. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove base.yumvar property. (Ales Kozumplik) - Get rid of preconf. (Ales Kozumplik) - BaseConfig.overrides() (Ales Kozumplik) - YumOptionParser._non_nones2dict() (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: trailing whitespace in dnf.yum.parser (Ales Kozumplik) - Make the Base object accessible from the toplevel 'dnf' module. (Ales Kozumplik) - Config option for the default userinput answer. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: reflect changes to querying updates in hawkey commit 961ca40. (Ales Kozumplik) * Fri Jan 18 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.20-1.gitdec970f - fix '--exclude' command-line option (related RhBug:871892) - Introduce --best switch to force trying latest packages in transactions ( RhBug:882211) - fix '--disablerepo' (related RhBug:871892) - Tell RPM it's OK to downgrade during dist-sync (RhBug:894339) - 'dnf install' should skip already installed packages and say so. (RhBug:882851) * Thu Jan 03 2013 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.19-1.gitb901926 - options parsing: do not access repositories before cache_c is ready. (RhBug:889706) - move to the latest hawkey using libsolv-0.2.3 * Mon Dec 17 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.18-1.git3701ad6 - Allow specifying removal with 'name.arch' and others (RhBug:877449) - install: use Subject class to allow installation by provides (RhBug:880303) - Remove rpmdb_warn_checks() and friends. (RhBug:884623) - DNF should not allow .src.rpm installation (RhBug:884603). - Some DNF commands require different Goal/Solver configuration. (RhBug:873079) - Match ordinary package provides in 'dnf provides <provide>', not just files. (RhBug:871892) - doc: update how arguments to commands can be specified. * Mon Nov 26 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.17-1.git6a055e6 - fix UnicodeDecodeError crash in (RhBug:877332) - Support the 'dnf upgrade-to' command. - fix: transaction traceback when rpmdb contains a package with no HDRID (RhBug:878823) - Enable 'dnf distro-sync'. * Thu Nov 15 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.16-1.git9f050eb - massive dead code removals accross the code base (3k LOC dropped) - fix match_counter.sorted() tracebacks if its empty. (RhBug:873875) - fix: callback error in some rpm transactions because of nonexistent Package.verEQ. - Plain 'dnf update' ignores packages with broken deps. (RhBug:872948) - support 'dnf upgrade' syntax to do the same thing as 'dnf update'. - refactor: YumCommand is just Command now. - Split Cli out of the YumBaseCli eintopf. - Enable 'dnf reinstall <pkg> again. * Thu Nov 08 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.15-3.git5d85f6b - support full NEVRA specification for the erase and install commands. (RhBug: 867553) - Enable check-update command. (RhBug: 868810) - Support listing patterned obsoletes. - fix traceback: list --showduplicates. * Wed Oct 17 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.14-2.git4831982 - works against hawkey-0.3.0 - search: sort so same matched keywords stay next to each other. - Add custom ABRT collector. - fix: _preload_file() does the right thing when destfn does not exist. - Make the logfiles readable by everyone. - yumRepo: log when we are leaving MD files behind and don't know why. - Support globs in the install command when multilib_policy is 'best'. (RhBug: 864710) - Fix failing unit tests on i686. * Fri Oct 05 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.13-1.gitda60a96 - fix: traceback in YumBase.verifyTransaction() for local .rpms. - Enable the 'clean' command. (RhBug: 853940) - download no sqlite metadata. - Reenable the search command. (RhBug: 853940) * Fri Sep 21 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.12-1.git832ecd1 - fix 'dnf --version'. (RhBug: 857710) - Latest hawkey compatibilities. - Run 'make check' when building the RPM. * Thu Sep 13 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.11-1.git9da1268 - Make 'dnf help' work. (RhBug: 853923) - Add the man page. (RhBug: 853923) * Thu Aug 30 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.10-1.gitb06d183 - Latest hawkey compatibilities. - RhBug: 852803 * Thu Aug 23 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.9-1.git5dea6e7 - Latest hawkey compatibilities. - RhBug: 847098 * Mon Aug 06 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.7-6.git8ac0959 - Maintenance build to conform the new hawkey repo loading APIs. * Tue Jul 24 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.7-5.git632e1eb - Clean dependencies during 'dnf erase'. - fixed: readline problems under pdb. - 'dnf info' now works. - removal: yum.sqlitesack, yum.packageSack and RPMDBPackageSack. * Wed Jul 18 2012 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.2.7-3.gitb74addd - Rebuilt for * Mon Jul 16 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.7-2.gitb74addd - Add missing rpmUtils.error. * Mon Jul 16 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.7-1.git3f2389e - First Fedora rawhide build. * Wed Jul 11 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.6-11.gitb1f1c08 - More licensing changes. * Mon Jul 09 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.6-10.git964faae - Licensing changes. * Thu Jun 21 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.6-9.gitb4aa5c1 - More spec fixes. * Tue Jun 19 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.6-8.gitb4aa5c1 - Fix rpmlint issues. * Wed Jun 13 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.6-6.git9d95cc5 - Depend on the latest python-hawkey. * Tue Jun 12 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.6-4.git2791093 - Fix missing cli/ * Fri Jun 08 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.6-3 .git365322d - Logging improvements. * Wed May 16 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.5-2.gitf594065 - erase: remove dependants along with their dependency. * Mon May 14 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.4-3.gite3adb52 - Use cron to prefetch metadata. - Always loads filelists (attempts to fix some resolving problems). * Mon May 07 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.3-1.gitbbc0801 - Fix assert in hawkey's sack.c. * Fri May 04 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.2-6.git6787583 - support plain 'dnf update'. - disable plugins. * Thu Apr 26 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.1-2.gitde732f5 - Create 'etc/dnf/dnf.conf'. * Wed Apr 25 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.2.0-2.git70753dd - New version. * Thu Apr 12 2012 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.1-0.git833c054 - Initial package.