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70379191 build (epel7, perl-PerlIO-Layers-0.010-6.el7.src.rpm) koschei/ noarch open
70379232 build (f35-build-side-42881, /rpms/python-azure-datalake-store.git:05b3a9526dbea392358e4349e934e2ae94916b86) mhayden noarch open
70378949 build (f34-candidate, /rpms/openms.git:e9d08d4b121caf45767948155ed639dd661d78ce) sagitter noarch open
70379231 build (epel7, perl-Test-Class-0.42-1.el7.src.rpm) koschei/ noarch open
70379219 build (epel7, perl-DateTime-Set-0.33-3.el7.src.rpm) koschei/ noarch open
70379217 build (epel7, perl-DateTime-Format-Pg-0.16010-6.el7.src.rpm) koschei/ noarch open
70379226 build (epel7, perl-Class-Mix-0.005-10.el7.src.rpm) koschei/ noarch open
Tasks 1 through 7 of 7